Guest Blogger

What is Guest Blogging?

Sometimes, bloggers want to increase traffic to their blogs. Guest blogging helps them do that. They can write posts on other's blogs and can hence get traffic on their blog.

If you wish to become a guest blogger, you can send me a mail which is listed on the Contact Me page.

Rules for Guest Blogging

1) The article must not be more than 500 words.

2) The topic should be interesting. It can be anything of your interest which can include stories, poems, every day issues, information, knowledge sharing or anything that is entirely unique.

3) Once the article is posted here, you cannot post it anywhere else. not even on your blog. But you can add a link to your blog in that post. And if you post it on your blog then it will result in Duplicate Content and the sole purpose of guest blogging will not be fulfilled.

4) The article must not contain porn. It will not be published incase you send  it to my email id.

5) It can contain picture, videos and links to other relevant pages.

Happy Blogging