Monday, December 19, 2011

Let his soul rest

Death is inevitable, and whether willingly or unwillingly, everyone will enter the grave.

But it is just too disheartening to see a 50 year old man dying, leaving 3 daughters behind. And it was just last weekend that we all met for lunch and had a jolly good time together. And the same day, he put his hand over my head and told me that I worry too much about life and that I shouldn't. Sadly, I didn't know that those would be his last words to me.

My mamaji left for his heavenly abode early this morning. I was so shocked that I don't think I could have faced the family. I didn't go to the see the last rituals being performed. I know I'll cry. I don't want to face the family, and I would not know what to say to them. Why is it that the most helpful and the most caring people are the ones who die earlier?

Oh God, please promise me that you'll take care of him.

May his soul rest in peace!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

After all, it is just a thin line

I trust you, I always did,
I knew you would be there,
to hold my hand, not once but always,
to wipe my tears, not once but always,
to make me smile, not once but always.
Sometimes, I felt my expectations were rising
But no, they weren't really expectations
It was faith.
I trust you, I always did.

For years and years, we have been together
laughing and loving
like a happy couple.
You did hold my hand,
wipe my tears and make me smile.
Overwhelmed with the love I got,
the curve of trust rose like a mountain.

While I was too enthralled in your love,
I failed to notice the evil you,
that part of you
which had been cheating on me, not once but always
Maybe I was blind, but I really didn't see
that you were never mine.
I trusted you, I always did.

I don't know why you back-stabbed,
but I was hurt, really hurt,
perhaps, too dumbfounded to react.
I trusted you, I always did.
I fail to understand what went wrong
If you never loved me
then why did you make me believe that you do.

You proved me wrong this time,
I thought we were like the calm water of the river
but you made it seem more like an unguarded ocean,
susceptible to the fierce tidal waves,
turbulent in the surging waters.
I really trusted you,
but you were the one 
who forced me to change sides. 

PS: I had something this on my mind for a few months but never really sat down to write. Now the mood was right and the emotions flowed. Hope, it didn't turn out to be bad.