Saturday, October 29, 2011

All That Glitters is not Gold - It Could Be The Diwali Pomp and Show

Diwali definitely drains out all the energy and leaves one exhausted. There was so much to do that I did not get any time to write. Cleaning the house, painting the diyas, cooking, travelling across the city is what makes it so hectic. And not to forget the rangoli, which I am so possessive about. Really, for me Diwali is more about rangoli than sweets and gifts (awrite, I admit I love gifts). If I don't make the rangoli and paint the diyas, Diwali does not seem to be Diwali. And you would be surprised to know that I painted about 10 dozens of diyas this year, much more than what I usually paint. When I was done with the diyas, my happiness knew no bounds. 12 dozens was something. 120 diyas. Woah... I still can't believe I did it. 

I did not take any picture of the diyas but they looked the same as last year's. But the colours I used this time were better and more vibrant than the usual blues and greens. I so wish I had taken a picture. 

But you haven't missed the most special part. Ladies and Gentlemen, so here's presenting you the most difficult rangoli I ever made..


Isn't it amazing? 

Sadly, when it was time to light the diyas, some asshole spoilt it. My detective eyes told me that it wasn't a kid for sure. Someone wearing shoes, probably, size 7 spoilt it and he did it deliberately. I could even see fingerprints running through it. How could people do that? Don't they feel ashamed in spoiling someone's hard work?

Well, it really did spoil my mood. If I come to know who did it, I would definitely blast them off. 

Anyway, there was no point crying over spillt milk, so I went along with the celebrations, put a smile on my face and got my picture clicked with my rangoli.

Its me

The thing is that I had a good time. 

Now that the festivities are over, Formula 1 is the next big thing and if you are in Delhi, you wouldn't miss it for sure even if you have absolutely no idea about racing. And if you don't have the tickets, being a dilliwala, you sure would have tried all your connections and contacts. I did it too and I am proud to be a true Delhiite. I am going on Sunday and would definitely fill you up with the details. 

Hope you guys too had an amazing Diwali. 

So long.


SEPO said...

The Rangoli is awesome girl!! Wow. Really. Painting diya's sounds a lot of fun!


Finaly you look very very cute. Good to see you :-)

Hope you had a great Diwali !!

Renu said...

wow..what a rangoli..I have seen so many, but this is one of the best and altogether did you make it?

Sakshi said...

That rangoli is AWESOME :)
I got cut outs from the market and made the rangoli! :|

I hope you had a great Diwali and awesome F1 :)

Thamarai Ravi said...

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