Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's a Small World After All

As a kid I believed that I must for sure have a look alike in some other part of the world living a life totally different from mine but perhaps thinking the same thought as me - one day our paths would cross and that would leave us dumbfounded. That 'one day' has not yet arrived and I have probably lived one-third of my life. Not that I expect some miracle to happen but I certainly do not expect that I would meet her ever, even if she is right there living in the farthest town from here. But today, I do believe that it is a small world and you'd be surprised to unexpectedly meet people from all walks of life. Since, something like this happened to me quite recently, I realised that the mere thought of developing a nearly invisible relationship with someone you already know gave me hell lot of goosebumps.

While I sat thinking about how I share a crush with my colleague, whom I didn't even know during my graduation days, I had to admit that it is a small world after all. Okay, let me not try and put it all in one sentence because I am actually ruining the story. I had this thing for a guy in college. We used to travel together in the local bus. Not exactly together. Not atleast for the first few days when we simply gave each other cold stares. Considering how social we both were, it didn't take us too long to become friends. That is when we actually started travelling together. But did I tell you guys that he was too cute to look at. Infact, there is this woman friend of mine who always got jealous whenever I got into a conversation with him. Actually, there was nothing serious about it, neither my friend's jealousy nor that cute guy's attractiveness.

I am no longer in touch with that guy but I was actually a little surprised when my colleague, who studied in the same college as him, told me that he was her crush during those days. He was already very cute and I'd be surprised if he didn't have any girls hovering behind his back but it is a little difficult for me to give in to the fact that my colleague, whom I have known for not more than 4-5 months and who has turned out to become a very good friend of mine, would have had a crush on the guy I used to like myself. The day this secret came out, the two of us had a hearty laugh and I went to crazy with excitement. Small world, huh..!!

I must say that social networking sites, especially facebook, have made this place really worthwhile. I have known cases wherein my friends have known people when there could be possibly no connection between them. A glance at the mutual friends list has, sometimes, sent shivers down my spine, which is why I have grown to believe that it is best to keep a control over our social lives. Frankly, I haven't really spent much time thinking about this but if something exciting like my case could happen then something unfortunate could also creep in. I couldn't help but imagine that if this cute guy had been my ex-boyfriend and had also been my colleague's ex-boyfriend then we could have turned our backs to each other, thereby, spoiling not only our friendship but also our professional relationship. Could happen, isn't it?


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It is indeed a small world, and while walking away from people, we must think once that if we continue walking in opposites, we just might meet again, moving in circles.

But had you two been ex-girlfriends, you might also have shared the same agony of being exs' :P

Blasphemous Aesthete

Idiot Mind Working said...

that was superb.... its actually true that it wud be hard to share a friendship with a girl who has also dated ur ex... kindda hilarious. but we do come across ppl everyday whr we dont have any connections at all but hit it off from the first day..!!
i hope we become good friends in this small but large world.
idiot mind thinking.

SEPO said...

wow. welcome back chanz..!

INDEED world is a small place! This post is like such a deja vu!

I have had a similar experience as well :P

these cute guys i tell you!!

Sakshi said...

You know there is an experiment called six degrees of separation on FB? And, trust me, world really is small!
It is a global village!

James said...

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