Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Return of the Euphoria - An Epic

With more than 8 hours of being glued in one chair, with every nerve ready to explode, with tears of joy in our eyes, we couldn't have asked for more. Team India did it and they did for every person who had ever mouthed bad words at them. "It means the world to me. I have been a part of the three World Cups. This is for the nation. Thank you very much, we love you. This cup is for the people." This is what Yuvraj Singh had to say on winning the world cup. Yes, it finally came home after 28 years of wait, double of the exile period that Shri Ram had to face. And the outcome? First time in history, it was Holi, Dusshera and Diwali being celebrated with much joviality and enthusiasm all across the nation.

Looking back, I wish to apologize for the times when we, the people, criticized the time for not performing. How much did we understand the pressure being put on the two teams playing out there in the middle. We must salute the Sri Lankan captain for calling Indian team the better one. It takes a lot of courage to smile and say this, when you know that, on return , your countrymen will question. And wouldn't questions have been raised had India lost the match. "I took quite a few decisions tonight, if we hadn't won I would have been asked quite a few questions - why no Ashwin and why Sreesanth. Why no Yuvraj and why did I bat ahead of him?", said Dhoni, who had been out of form all through the world cup and took the responsibility of performing in this cut-throat competition. This is what I call true sportsman spirit.

They did it together and they did it for Sachin - the legendary face of Indian Cricket. Immediately after the win, they carried the God on their shoulders. "Sachin carried the burden of Indian Cricket on his shoulder for last 21 years, now its time we carry him on our shoulders". These words came from Virat Kohli and that was the time when I lost control of my emotions. This is what Cricket means in India. It is the only religion that unites the country. And this feeling was evident across the country where people who were unknown to each other hugged at every boundary, prayed at every drop of the wicket, cried for the loss of wickets and had tears of joy for the incredible win. Cricket is a religion in India and nobody, nobody at all, fails to worship it.

I always knew that Sachin is considered to be someone, who holds the top position in the team, but this is the first time that I saw that the entire team respect his cricket career more than their own. Every member of Team India played in unison and they got the world cup for him. Such (Sach) is God, Such (Sach) is Life..!! This is it and the world cup is ours. History re-creates itself and we showed them that we are the undisputed champions. The boys did it.

India bleeds blue..!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Its really true that had we not won it, there would have been serious accusations hurled at the team. And sudden;y, everybody would have been a cricket pundit dissecting every ball and every wrong move.
God bless them, they did it.

Blasphemous Aesthete

sm said...

they won it

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Absolutely entertaining. But I was bit nervous during last time. :-)

Mehak said...

i think it was amazing, how they played and also the things they had to say after winning. it was definitely a moment when all of India was united like we rarely are. :P