Monday, March 28, 2011

Yes, it does matter

Sabina smiled as she opened her eyes. The dream last night lingered on like a hangover. How she wished that it engulfed her right this moment, just like it did when he was right in front of her eyes.  It was just yesterday that she saw him. His face was fresh in her mind. His neat movement made her whole world sway. If he is the most beautiful thing in this world, indeed she’d be the luckiest one to have him. And it was just this thought that made her go on. Though, she was a small town girl, but his presence made her feel like a princess. No, it made her feel like a queen.


Money had never attracted Sabina even though her family scarcely had any. All their lives, they had lived on bread and butter, but never had any regrets. Life was smooth and they enjoyed every bit of it. But now that Sabina was of marriageable age, things were getting difficult. Her father, who worked as an employee in a small bank, had been trying to save as much as possible since Sabina was just 8 years old. He had seen days when he and his wife had to go without food but he never played around with his savings. Consistently, the money poured in the savings account but none was ever spent. Such was the life that Sabina and her parents saw.

While her parents toiled for hours together and earned their living, Sabina loved to spend. She was always an intelligent child. Her beliefs were crisp and she was very clear with them. Aware of the plight of her family, Sabina never thought twice before spending her money. With God’s grace, she had plenty. No, it wasn’t that she was a bad person, who did not want to give her money to her parents. She once had transferred money into their account, but they had transferred it back. She bought many presents on the pretext of giving something to them, but it was all returned. Sabina tried everything but her parents were a little orthodox and considered it an omen to take money from their only daughter. 25 she was and she had no body to spend her money on, except her own self.

A post graduate from Stephen’s College, Delhi University, Sabina worked in a multinational and loved her life. Though she was not seeing anyone, she had a lot of guys running after her, wanting to get cozy with her. Be it her good looks or her lady like elegance, she was always amongst the most desired women around. Definitely, Sabina loved all the attention that she received. And the best part about her was that she knew how to manage her admirers so much so that people thought that she had oomph. Well, actually she lived her life like one of those super hot girls, like in the movies.


And when she saw him standing down below, she knew he was the one. In a jiffy, the memories of the men she had dated till now vanished into thin air. Nothing remained. She felt an empty space inside. Not only this, she got the feeling that she had lived a worthless life. Suddenly, she had an urge to be swept away from her feet and taken into the arms of this young man. Her life, on seeing him, looked complete. She could almost feel her heart racing. No, it was pounding. It felt as if her heart was going to burst out. She fluttered like a fish, which has been thrown out of water and is gasping for breath. She was hot everywhere and desired him. The deafening noise of her flutters didn’t make her realise that he had noticed her too. And that made Sabina aware of her appearance. She badly wished that she could get hold of a mirror just to see if her hair, her clothes and her makeup were in place. How helpless she felt. And as he approached her, she just wanted to bury herself into anything, just anything that was big enough to hide her.

With every step he took, her heart raced faster. She had had many guys in her life but none had made her feel so under-confident about her own beauty. With others, she was the undisputable winner, but with him right in front of her eyes, she felt like a worm, ready to wriggle and perhaps, just vanish deep into the ground, only to stop until she reached the core. Her heart skipped a beat. And as he approached her, she could see his eyes scanning her from the top to the bottom, while stopping in between for a stare. Sabina felt her adrenaline rush when he came up to the bar and grabbed the empty chair right next to her. ├ľne Tequila Shot”, he said to the bartender, who nodded and turned his back to them, facing the huge shelf that contained numerous bottles stacked neatly. 

She knew he was looking at her but tried to ignore his gaze. Inside, she could feel her heart swell with pride. Sabina looked in the opposite direction and let out a devilish laugh. She was sure that he was impressed by her toned figure and ofcourse, her bulging chest, which was nearly visible from her low cut dress. Sabina smiled at herself and lowered herself in the front till her boobs touched the counter. Her intention was just to make him notice her erotic moves. And he did.


Naman wrapped his arms around her, while she unbuttoned him. Sabina moved closer and suddenly let out a gasp as he pushed her back on to the bed. Slowly, he removed his hands from her shoulders and moved them down to her belly button. He bent down and kissed her half naked body. With his tongue, he circled around the belly button and moved upwards. He unclasped her bra and almost ripped her off it. Taking her boobs in his palms, he murmured, “You’re beautiful”. She just smiled. Using the index fingers of both his hands, he touched her nipples and made extremely slow circular motions. While doing so, he reached out to her right ear lobe and licked it. Sabina felt that she was on top of the world. She had never been as aroused as she was with his touch. She didn’t want him to stop. He, then, bit her on her neck and licked the wound. Unable to control, Sabina pushed him back and climbed on him. She wanted to empower him and impress him in her own sexual way. She just wanted to be the devil and eat him up. Her hunger was evident in her eyes.

She slowly moved on top of him and played with her fingers. Erotically, she twisted her tongue and breathed heavily. She raised both her arms, as if in a yawn and moved her head backward. He could see her boobs moving as she raised herself. He did not want to miss this chance, so he got up and took them in his hands and caressed them. She moaned. Since, he was much stronger than her, he continued caressing them with all his might. Her moaning grew louder. He did not stop. He took one of them in his mouth and almost bit it. She screamed but she did not stop him. Sabina was enjoying every moment and so was he. Slowly, he slid his fingers between her legs and felt her soft flesh. She was hot and wet inside and he could see that. He moved his fingers further inside and rubbed her, slowly and carefully. That exited her more. It was then she realised that he still had his denim jeans on. She clumsily unzipped him and took it off. He was fully aroused, now it was her chance to know that. While, he still had his fingers inside her, she licked him till she could feel his urge getting stronger and wilder. He adjusted himself and was ready to penetrate himself, when she suddenly stopped him and asked, “Don’t you have a condom.” He raised his eyebrows and moved his head in denial. Sabina got up and hurriedly put her clothes on. Without a word she left, leaving the guy a bit too perturbed.


(A year later)

Sabina was lying in the bed, smiling to her heart’s glory. She dreamt about Naman, yet again. Though they never really had each other, she still felt that he was right there waiting for her. The memories of his smile still had the spark to bring a smile on her face. His slow and precise movements, while he caressed her, made her desire grew stronger. But, it was her own sweet way of judging men. She was an intelligent woman and her beliefs were strong. Sex was fun but it wasn’t something that she would play with. With a sparkling smile in her eyes, she tossed and turned. If only, he had a condom that day, they would still be together. And she would perhaps have been the queen. She missed him for sure.

Moral – Keep a pack handy. You never know what women have in mind. 

PS: I had thought I'd give this story a serious ending, but my mind just changed at the end moment. :D


@ease said...
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@ease said...

wtf...stupid Naman i must say..!!
and chanz at her amazingly best. Happy to see you back again. Keep posting more often, we all missed ya lot. :D

P.S: wot a description of making-out... i was aroused ;)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

LOL, only if He had been ready, he would have really got a chance to blow her away.

Interesting story.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Chanz said...

@ @ease: Thank u.. I am so glad you liked it.. stay right here and you'll get to read more..

Chanz said...

@ Blasphemous Aesthete: Haha.. U bet.. :D

Sakshi said...

Did this story come from Shayon's post? ;)
I must say, this one was one hell of a erotic read and I am glad that it had a fun ending rather than a serious one :)

Great Moral!

Chanz said...

@ Sakshi : Oh no.. I wrote this a few days back... Shayon's post came later.. :P

Hahaha.. I must admit that it was more fun to write such an end..

@ease said...

wht happens in the next episode..?

Chanz said...

@ease: Well, I am sure you can guess.. Naman was prepared the next time... :D