Thursday, May 27, 2010

its 'bout the newspaper, for a change

Yeah, it really is about the newspaper. Todays's newspaper to be more precise. Times of India, to be even more precise.

For the first time in about a few months, on reading the newspaper, I felt that it contained something positive. Something to ignite the spark. Something that is different from the usual "so and so died", "these many deaths", "he raped her", "burglary in this area", "murder in this", so on and so forth. Today was a little different.

While the results of IIT-JEE stand declared, there arose a name, Sahal Kaushik, a mere 14 year old kid who cracked the toughest exam ever. I was quite amazed at the little boy and his modesty after he hit the jackpot. I mean, its IIT-JEE for Christ sake. IIT-JEE. And he is just 14. Perhaps, atleast 3 years younger than any average students writing the exam. This is what I call news. This is what needs to be shared. I don't know why the media doesn't talk about people like Sahal more often. Why is it that the newspapers have all but these miraculous cases. I don't think that the newpapers are doing any good by publishing about the thefts, burglary, murders, accidents and the like. The only reason I can make out of all this is that it makes people more vigilant. But whats the point in scaring people. Why can't we get to read something that would make us proud.

There was another thing that caught my eye today. Nudity. Well yeah, you read that right. If you want Maradona to run naked on the field, then go ahead and cheer for Argentina in the FIFA world Cup. You never know, your favourite footballer might put up a striptease show for you. And then there is Venus Williams flaunting her rear in her corset looking tennis outfit. A corset while playing tennis? Really..??

So, all you sports lovers, glue your eyes onto the TV sets. There really is a lot of fun going on in South Africa and France.

And this is definitely not the end.

On a popular radio station, the jock had asked a question which I am putting in front of you guys.

Temme people, "Which famous person you wouldn't want to see running around naked all over the place"

Err.. yeah.. thats what I want to know..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Envelope of darkness

Cold and dark she sat in a corner,
frightened by the little black thing
that followed her everywhere
for she had an ugly past
that couldn't be easily forgotten.
No, not because she didn't want to forget,
But because she was forced to remember
The night that changed everything.
Relationships were a thing of the past.
And now, they didn't matter to her anymore.
Her nights were spent, weeping
Still, she managed through
But what she dreaded the most
was the broad daylight that made her grieve.
The days that followed were darker than the nights
because she had to face 'em all.
The hungry eyes ogling at her curves,
made her sink deeper into her isolation.
That night could have been forgotten
if it had been someone else
Someone, she didn't know
Someone, she didn't care about
But she knew him well
He was someone, who was so dear to her
Someone, whose blood flowed in her 
Disrespect came from her own father
The man she respected the most 
And the same man gave her pain
and ofcourse,
the most unfavourable experience of sex.
She wanted her first time to be the best
In the arms of the man of her dreams 
But this made her hate it
Her dream crushed by her own father
Whose bloodshot eyes,
Pierced through her nakedness.
But the ill deed had been done
Scared she was, of the dark
And the little black thing,
Her own shadow,
That followed her everywhere

A few days back, I recalled reading a book about girl who was raped by her father. I don't remember which book it was because I read it as a kid. But since the last 2-3 days, it has been bothering me a lot. I don't know what made me immerse my thoughts into a disgraceful act like this. I really wanted to write about it here. Though I had thought of coming up with a write up on this but I found myself at a loss of words. I couldn't really understand the pain which a daughter could face in such a situation. Maybe, I never will. But my heart just leaps out whenever I think about something like this. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

It ain't bigger than this

So you think that you are the only one with all the problems in this world.

Or maybe, your problems are the biggest and you are eventually the most distraught of them all.


Dont give too much load to your neck. Think twice before you nod in agreement.

Somebody in my friends list had shared this video on facebook. Thought of sharing it with you guys..

A few minutes before watching this video, I was utterly upset and was feeling disgusted with my life. Fed up with what people had to say, good and bad both, I was just about to break down in tears. Fortunately, I came across this video and I suddenly feel so much better.

And you know what, life is already too complex. Lets not complicate it further.

Awrite, before writing this particular statement, I had already broken down (I just couldn't control. Sometimes, its good to be weak at heart). But I am glad I did. I feel light.

Though, I came online to write either of the two stories (read fiction) going on in my mind. But, I guess, this is far more important than any fiction in this crazy world.

If ever you are let down by your own problems, just think about people do not even have what you have in abundance. .

So guys, be good and do good.

The world would itself become a better place to live in.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Long Silence

Eyes closed and my face held high, I stood under the shower
My mind took me back on the path, we once meandered,
Hand in hand, we walked with a kind of saunter
Laughing and giggling and running and kissing
"We don't care", an attitude that brought us close
The world was what seemed like a lovely place
We indeed didn't care,
About the people, and all other worldly desires
It was just you and me
You and me, it was
But life is a gamble, they all say
And Murphy was right in his own way
I don't know how it happened
But the distance between us, showed it really had happened
A few kilometers turned into thousands
And those minutes of separation turned into months
I could already sense your withdrawnness
A victim of recurrent mood swings, was what it made of you
Without any exchange of words, we still talked
A long silence took over our chirpy conversations
But I couldn't complain, for we continued to talk
I don't know how it happened
But the distance between us, showed it really had happened
Calls every minute, were reduced to one call a day
Sometimes those calls lasted less than a minute
I had so much to share and so much to talk about
I could almost see the dark cloud forming on our relationship
But deep inside I was happy 'coz you were still there with me
And then I made a mistake of asking you that night
"What is it, that is bothering you"
Questions, questions and questions, thats what you answered
My questions had been bothering you.
Hence forth, I decided to kill my questions
which, day in and day out, created a havoc in my mind
Every question was aborted, the moment it was impregnated
And our life continued without any questions.
Today, when we are still together
I can still hear the remoteness in your voice
A call a day, a few minutes of silence was what we still share
Though I will never say it you
But darling, don't stay away from me for so long
That I learn to live without you.
Eyes closed and my face held high, I was still standing under the shower
But with tears flowing down from the corner of my eyes

Disclaimer :  This is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. 

PS : I had to write the disclaimer because a lot of people I know would immediately become judgmental and ask me a hundred questions. :D

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kasab will finally die

I dont know, it may sound weird to you, but today I am not really happy for the way things turned out for Kasab. Till yesterday, I really wanted him to get the most brutal punishment ever but today, I dont want him to die. There is no doubt about the fact that he had killed scores of innocent people in the Mumbai terrorist attack. And he can definitely not be excused for what he did. But I have always seen a kind of innocence in his eyes. Even when he was photographed during the attack. I still see a kid in him. And seeing a 21 year or maybe 22 year old kid getting a death sentence is not acceptable to me.

Frankly, I too am surprised with myself because till yesterday I was thinking differently. Like every other person in India, I too wanted him to be sentenced with capital punishment. And if I start talking solely about capital punishment then I am sure a lot of people out here would vote against it. But why do we change our mind when people like Kasab are standing in the court of justice.

This young guy may have committed a hideous crime, I agree, but whenever I see his pictures, I feel that somebody forced him into it. All the news channels kept repeating that he is a shrewd, intelligent and a well-trained terrorist. Though I have no answer to why I think he is innocent, I really do think so. Innocent in terms of what he has done. He just got lured by the money. He just wanted to get rich by decoity. But his training at LeT just followed his eagerness to learn to use weapons.

And if his eyes looked fiery to everybody who saw him, they don't look so in the pictures.

Perhaps, I am just an idiot to be thinking like this.

But, I just can't stop imagining a 21 year old guy, lying on the hospital bed, who will be hanged in a day or two. The irony here is that the whole world wants him to die. But somewhere deep inside, I really want to believe that he did not get into terrorism at his own discretion.

Safety first

Ever heard of the word sterelization.

Okay, lemme make it easier for you to guess.

This term is most oftenly used with surgical instruments, for instance, a syringe, cotton, milk bottles for babies and the like. I really think that it is one of the most commonly used terms in medical science.

Now, would you believe me if I tell you that the guy at the medical store near my office does not know what sterilized cotton means. I asked a peon from the office to get it for me. The peon then calls me on reaching there and says that this guy here isn't able to understand what I had asked for.So, I talked to that guy and I was shocked to know that he indeed had never heard about it. I got so angry, I told him to put shutters on the store and just go home and rest.

This was really shocking for me.

I always thought that the men behind the counters at all medical stores atleast had a fare knowledge about medicines if not being proficient in the field.

Frankly, I think its quite unsafe to have people like these selling something as important as medicines.

Sometimes, the handwriting of the doctors on the prescriptions is not even legible. Do you think you can trust the medical stores.

And what about the times when they do not give a copy of the bill to save a few bucks on the taxes. This is just to add fuel to the fire.

I have always been skeptical about these medical stores.

Is it the same with you...??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New beginnings

With a cup of coffee in my hands
I sat in the verandah
entagled in my own thoughts
when a sudden gust of wind
blinded me with those tiny particles
that it carried with itself.
This was, perhaps, a good sign
Perhaps, a beginning
A beginning that I wanted to look forward to
I managed to glance at the blue sky
which had now become cloudy
Yes, it is going to rain
I jumped with joy
and danced around
for I wanted to be a happy soul today.
Forgetting about my coffee cup
which now sat on the table
I hurried outside.
Taking two steps at a time,
I climbed down and reached the patio.
One step forward,
and I would be standing under the vast expanse of sky
One step forward,
and I would be the queen today.
One step forward,
and I would dance like a peacock.
One step forward,
thats all I had to take
but before I could,
I saw a young girl
probably my age
but crippled for life.
One step forward
is what she took.
But that step brought her pain
and uneasiness too.
It was then I realized
that there are others in this world
with dreams bigger than mine
and yet they knew
that their dreams were far too unachievable
because they were not like you and me.
I looked up at the sky again
This time my eyes
were not interested in the rain
nor the dark sky
nor the lightening
but they were on the lookout for God.
To thank him
I could read
I could write
I could walk
I could jump
I could dance
I could play
and I could move my hands in every way
for I was born lucky
And I was not deprived of the basics
unlike that young girl
who was now looking at the sky .
Perhaps, she wanted to throw away her cane
and dance just like the way I wanted to.
Was it really the beginning I was looking for
Beginning of en end
or an end of a beginning.