Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is it time to make resolutions yet?

The new year is almost round the corner. And did I realize that it is time to make resolutions. Like everybody else, I too have been making numerable resolutions every December and all of them are tossed into the bin every January. Yeah, yeah, loosing weight tops the charts every year but it is the only resolutions that gets tossed away faster than the others. Gladly, I am not the only one sinking in the ocean, year by year. Did I just say, Sinking? Right. Obviously, the speed at which I have been bloating, my weight would soon defy all laws relating to the displacement of water and buoyancy. Poor Archimedes. If only he was alive, he would definitely have come up with some other principle.

Well, I better not stretch this discussion since it may aggravate a lot of my family members and close friends who keep pestering me about my weight. You know, I really don't want to spoil anyone's mood at this time of the year. Anyway, the point I want to make is that I have come up with a different and a more serious resolution for the next year. Nope, I am not going to reveal the secret so soon. This resolution requires a lot of introspection, and more than that, it requires my own patience. Don't be surprised, I told you that it is a serious resolution.

By the way, did anybody realize that I haven't posted anything on my blog since the past one month. Yeah, it has been 30 days now. I know, none of you missed me. But I missed a lot of people from here. Because of my hectic schedule, I hardly log in these days. But I really did miss you. Yeah, you. I am sorry for not reading posts as I often as I used to.

I really think my grey cells have 'literally' turned grey. I had a lot to tell you, but now I cannot even think of a single event which happened in the past one month. Blame my busy schedule, but there isn't a single thing that I can think of. *Sigh*

All those who have been reading this post, must have realized by now that there wasn't anything remarkably good, or even bad, about this. Except the resolution, ofcourse.

But, I am still pondering over the question, "Is it time to make resolutions yet?"


Mehak said...

i missed you girl but i too am so impossibly busy that i hardly get a chance to log in and read the blogs i love. i totally relate to that grey cells turning grey part. lol
my only resolution this new year is to be happy, no matter what!! haha, all philosophical i know, but oh well..
do blog more whenever u get time!

Sakshi said...

I missed you! and welcome back! :)

I agree about the resolution thingy.. it does get tossed in the bin.. as soon as the year begins!

SEPO said...

ohh girl i missed ya, and i visited your blog so check if i hadn't missed anything accidentally. i even thought of leaving you a comment explaining that i miss you :) but for some reason did not!

and your post had got me thinking too "is it really the time for resolutions"?

Anonymous said...

You haven't commented on even my single post :(
Chal, keep up with your busy schedule.. but do take out time to do something you love and are good at - do write babes !!

Miss you here .. muaahh

Renu said...

I always think that young people are not free like to post regularly:)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Okay, I did not miss you. So you figured that out rightly. But that is something I cannot help. Its the way I am.
Now to the resolutions? There is no time for them. SO go ahead, and do them, and then dump them in a trash can when they get too boring.
About gaining weight? If you care too much, then the grey in your head will start showing on your head too.:P

Merry Christmas, and glad you are back.

Blasphemous Aeshtete

Anjali Gaur said...

I think you know that i completely agree with your "weight part"...i dont think you will have a better buddy than me on this...
By the way sorry for commenting so late, "blame it on my busy schedule"

supriya said...

well...i am reading this quite late...and i am still wondering what was that "special resolution" chanz..?? common...don't be so mysterious..!!
PS- Happy New Year!
PPS- Missed you like hell.. :(
PPPS- Looking forward for more frequent posts!! :)))