Sunday, November 7, 2010

Its time to get back to work

Festival season always makes me oh-so-bubbly-and-cheerful. It is all about meeting family and friends, exchanging gifts(did I say that I love this part), eating all the fatty stuff and not being bothered about gaining weight, cleaning all those almirahs that you haven't touched in a while, and ofcourse spending more time on the roads rather than lazing around at home. If you are from Delhi and you were out on the streets driving bumper to bumper through the Diwali traffic, then you know exactly what I mean.

And now when the festive season is over, I can only wait for it to return next year. I wonder why does the time fly by so soon. It seems that it was just yesterday that I had started my preparations for Diwali. But the reality is that it is time to get back to the office. Time has come for my creative and artistic skills to hibernate. Wake them up when October ends next year. Till den, *yawn*...!!!

But I have to tell you what I did this season. Yeah, Yeah.. I know, I am boasting but there were not many people around to appreciate the hard work that I had put in. So, automatically, the focus shifts on you guys. Okay, I painted the diyas. And I made the rangoli too. I must show them to you.

I know I made the dull and simple diyas look colourful and bright. *blush blush*

 A more closer look at them. Did you like them?

Rangoli, a colourful pattern. 

Rangoli - Ganeshji

It took me four long hours to make the above Rangolis. The entire time, I was sitting on my knees making the rangoli.You know what, if there aren't many people appreciating the hard work that you have put in, the enthusiasm really goes down. I wouldn't have bothered much about the cramps in my back and my legs if the people had appreciated me. Forget about appreciating, some people did not even have the courtesy to mind their feet while I was making the rangoli. They simply stepped on the rangoli. If you look more closely at the rangoli above, you'll see some lumps forming in the corner. That is exctly the place where I had to redo the work because a man, yeah, "a 40 year old man" stepped on it, not once but twice. Gosh, and then they expect me to control my anger. Yeah, right..!!

My mom is so fond of my rangoli that she keeps it for two-three days. But this year somebody spoilt it when we woke up the next morning. And I could see that it was done deliberately. I wish I had taken a picture of the spoilt rangoli. If I had known who did that, I would have kicked that person in the face. I really wanted to cry. I think, it is always better to make long lasting rangolis, just like the ones that I made last Diwali.

But there isn't any point in crying nor in letting the anger take control of me. So,  let me just get over it. nd look I have taken out my frustration out here. And I am already feeling so much better. I just hope that the cramps go away and the pain subsides soon. 

I am so sleep deprived. I have no idea how will I get myself out of the bed tomorrow morning. Aaahh..!! Monday morning blues have returned.


sepo said...

hey chanz dear. you have posted after such a long time.

the diya's are beautiful. and the rangoli is perfect. the ganesh ji one is so neat. very pretty.

you knw what, even my rangoli was spoiled my someone, so some similarity there...!

happy belated diwali dear

Maverick said...

Awesome creativity...wish u a happy diwali. tc! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

This is new, the diyas. Nice work!

And maybe you should not have mentioned that 'want for appreciation part'. Because if then we had complemented, as any person with a little sense of creativity would do, it would have been much better.

And Ganesh ji are beautiful.
Best of luck with Monday!

Chanz said...

@ Sepo : oh ho... never mind... I too am seeing you after a long time

Chanz said...

@ Maverick : thanks.. :)

Chanz said...

@ BA : I am so glad you were truthful.. I know the diyas and the rangolis are good.. And I am not boasting this time... Its not about being creative.. Its about the hard work that was put in. Well, you are right. Out went my frustration. That was all... But thats ok. I took it out. And even if I am not appreciated, atleast I know that there are people who saw it.

Sakshi said...

I made rangoli too, and did the lights in the house, and was running pillar to post...!! But I agree, I wait for this lovely festive season to come, it just makes the whole world look so bright!

Chandrika Shubham said...

Diyas look beautiful. Which colors u used to paint them?
Rangoli is beautiful. :) The rangoli comes out to be best with colored wooden powder. Next time try that and post the pics. :)
We all enjoyed Diwali and bumper to bumper traffic. :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Lovely nice to see (I am seriously impressed, I don't think I could ever make one...and would certainly have given up in frustration after the horrid man stepped in...people!!!)

And...most awesome diyas ever!! Look beautiful, and just love the colour scheme!

Chanz said...

@ Sakshi : Its amazing how exciting the festive season is.

Chanz said...

@ Chandrika : I use metallic paints for painting these diyas.

Where do u get this coloured wooden powder??? I would love to try that

Chanz said...

@ Cathy : Thanks... :)I make them every year. And these colours are the only ones which are bright for the diyas..

Mehak said...

both diyas and rangoli are absolutely beautiful.
and oh yes.. time to get back to work.. yawwwnn.. :P

Sh@s said...

Wow! Loved the diyas and the Ganapati rangoli. You are quite an artist. Keep it up :)
Hope you had a wonderful diwali.