Friday, October 15, 2010

Filling in

Okay..!! This has been the longest ever separation period that me and my oh-so-lovely blog have gone through. Needless to say, I terribly missed it. I won't say that I have been busy. Rather, I have been lazy. A little off the track that I have been of late, I simply wasn't in the mood (nor had the energy) to wake up till late at night, the only time i get to spend with my blog. Hence, the long withdrawal had set in.

For some reasons, I have been abstaining myself from using "too much" internet. Every time something happened in my life, I felt the urge to put it up on this space. That is when I realized how attached I had become with people from the virtual world. I think I am totally addicted to my blog. I cannot easily explain the extent of my obsession with this blog and my readers, but let me give you an example. In every situation (atleast those, about which I would have written here), I found myself contemplating the reviews and comments that my readers would have given. Every time, my mind raced forward to foresee who would have agreed and who would have disagreed with me. I know I would be making a very heavy statement if I say that in situations where I was caught unguarded, I thought about my readers and their reactions rather than my own friends. A lot of my friends whom I have known since childhood would probably read this post and I completely understand the shocked looks that I am going to get after this. But I am not saying this just for the heck of it. I totally totally mean it. And I can explain. There have been times (both good and bad) when I have received reactions (again, both good and bad) from people whom I have known only through blogosphere. And people whom I have known personally have secretly read my blog and remained neutral when I really wanted them to give me some words of wisdom. As a result, I have grown more attached to those whom I do not know. Ironic, isn't it?

 I had wanted to write a post a week back, precisely after returning from a trip to Vaishno Devi. It was my first visit and I had been excited to write not only about the 14 km walk to the temple but also about my horse ride. It was far more exciting than anything else that I have encountered so far. Really..!! I so wish I had learnt to ride a horse when there used to be training sessions way back in school. Soon, I will write a separate post about my horse ride.

So much has happened in the past 3 weeks. I have a long list of things to talk about. I have a lot of time so we can get back to it later. There are more important things to talk about. Obviously, I cannot get away without commenting on the commonwealth games which ended yesterday. I have not come across a single blog which talked about the success of the XIX commonwealth games. The games had got truck loads of negative publicity. Such was the intensity, a lot of nations withdrew themselves from participating in these games. Every single person mouthed bad words at the organizing committee. I too did that. I had no faith in them and I presumed that the commonwealth games wouldn't even happen. And if at all they did, it would be big blow on our face. Fortunately, contrary to our presumptions, commonwealth games were a huge success. Delhi has never looked better than what it did in the past 2 weeks. Clean, green and spectacular. And what was Dilliwalas take on lane-driving..?? You bet, it was one of the most beautiful gesture I have ever seen. Extreme levels of co-operation imbibed a sense of inspiration in one and all. It was a pleasure to be a part of Delhi. Out of all the blogs that I had read before the starting of the games, it was only Sakshi who seemed to be a bit positive about the whole event. During the games, I kept wondering where did this girl get all the positivity from. She was right in her way. I adore that. I have no idea what will happen to Kalmadi once the probing starts but I guess we must thank him for giving us all a wonderful experience and  making the games a success.

By the way, Suresh Kalmadi was a pilot with the Indian Air Force. Knowing this fact, I am not going to say a single word against this man anymore. You know, I have a soft corner for the Indian Air Force people. :D


Sakshi said...

Awwww! Thanks for the lovely mention in the post. I was just keeping my fingers crossed, and I too was 'WOWED'by the whole event. Am sad now that it is over, because, now Delhi will be back to the chaos.

Oh, and Kalmadi, you know, it is more of a betrayal by him since he was an air force personnel and he of all should know what the Pride of the Nation is.

About the sabbatical, Trust me, had it not been for Shayon and knowing his whereabouts... I would have been a minimal access person too!

Nipun said...

CWG were a pride for the nation and so was the capital.
The crowd just made the stage for India..
All hail Delhi people..:)

Lets leave Kalmadi and just think about the pride that we have felt. he deserves an applause, but at the same time we know what should be done with him..

Welcome back after a long time.



Sorcerer said...

CWG..we did manage it quiet well.
We are an emerging nation and its first time we are getting a chance to hold such a huge international events..hiccups are natural part of this process.
Next time we do learn from this mistakes and correct it.
It really showed the reactions of a changing India.
I am so very proud of it.
Negative publicity happens..Cuz..negativity sells more than truths and I really dont care about such messes as such.its the end result that counts.anyway.

really nice to be back on your blog and reading it.
Cheers..have a wonderful weekend!

supriya said...

hey chanz...first of all...i have been dying to read something from your side. It seemed like ages! So welcome back!
And yes commonwealth games really came out to be a very pleasant and unexpected surprise and brought pride to all the Indians. And hats off to that! We definitely won! :D

Karan said...

A refreshing one indeed ! CWG and the mess ! Bottomline is -Delhi Rocked and so did India . Seems you had a great time up the hills !

Saurabh Panshikar said...

Hey chanz...
Me too not in touch with my blog these days... and laziness is one of the main reasons...
Will wait for your horsie ride post....
I was so busy caught up in work that I had no time to comment on CWG. And now that they are done, its better I stay chup!
anyways nice reading you after a long time...

Renu said...

Kalmadi has brought a bad name even for air force.

rainboy said...

Kalmadi is innocent until proved otherwise. Media creates hypes as we have seen before and saw in CWG

leave it to the court.

nice blog

take care

Garima said...

I really liked the way you have mentioned about the 'connection' with the readers...I have felt that too sometimes, as I dont have many regular ones :P
but whatever lil number of readers are there I look forward to what they say about certain things or issues. There are very few of those I know personaly, who have got the priviledge of knowing about my blog :P