Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Am I thinking too much..??

Delhi has had torrential rains this season. It is quite unusual for a place like the national capital, a land locked city, to have such rains in the month of September. The monsoons, here, have always been confined to July and August (yay, my birth month falls in the monsoon season). I don't really know whether to take this year's monsoon to be a curse or a boon. On one hand, the rain is making the constructions for commonwealth games turn into a disaster with roads clogged more than ever. On the other hand, the kharif crops are expected to be better than what they have ever been(pardon the little knowledge I have on this topic; I just read it in the newspaper today). Since these two aspects aren't directly related to me so let me be biased. I immensely love this season. All I want to do is relax. With a cup of coffee in my hand, I want to sit back and simply watch the rain drops as they fall. It isn't a very good idea to go out in this rain so I'd rather watch it from a distance. That is the beauty of this season. The trees and the leaves look so fresh and green; the view outside is so breath taking that you can enjoy it even from your balcony. How I wish these monsoons could just go on and on. *Sigh*

Maybe there is something in the air that I have suddenly become quieter than I was. These days, all I do is gaze at the window or even the completely-dull-blank-ceiling. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with me. It’s just that I spend my time thinking. Sometimes, completely aimless thought cross my mind and I not only build castles in the air but also elephants, tigers and rhinos. And you know what; it is quite relieving at times. It makes me feel that I am at peace. No wonder, I am loving the rains so much even though everybody else if getting irritated with it. 

Anyway, it is time that I come out of this dream. The monsoons are going to end soon. Not that I want them to end but I want the winters to come too. Okay, I really think I am loosing it now. Not a word more about the rain or even the winter season. Let us change the topic right away. 

A few days back, I attended a workshop in my nephew's school. Yeah, kindergarten schools also organize workshops for parents. It was quite an interactive session wherein parents are taught how to teach their little ones. And I must tell you that the system of education has completely changed since our times. Modern day schools have adopted the American education system (as they claim). Kindergarten kids no longer need to carry books and pencils to school. Infact, there are not even taught how to write. Writing comes in much later. The memory that I have of kindergarten a involved so much writing. The first thing I learned to write was the capital letters of the English alphabets. The system is so much different. In the workshop, the teachers told us that the kids wouldn't be taught capital letters for the next two years. I was a little aghast at that because it seems to be quite late for a child to learn their letters in standard II. But the logic that they gave made sense. The children will be taught to write the small letters (cursive writing) first. Capital letters would follow once they are comfortable with the small ones. The reason why they have adopted this new system is because we use small letters more often while writing. Capital letters are used only in the beginning of a sentence or in writing proper nouns. That comprises of just 2 percent of all that we write. Doesn’t it look astonishing that the kids, nowadays, are learning a totally different concept? Well, frankly, more than the children, it is the parents who need to be taught the new system. We really need to un-learn what we learnt as kids. That’s exactly how we will teach our kids. Obviously, you don’t want your kids to get confused between what they teach at school and what their parents teach at home.

I am skeptical about what the education system would be, 10 years from now, when it is time for my kids to go to school. Yeah, I know, I know. I am still unmarried but I couldn't help but think about of what I would have to face after 10 years. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am getting trained. 


supriya said...

Yes..my dear....you are actually thinking too much! ;)
But seriously,while reading this post,it felt like I was going through a random thought or a stupid dream of yours which paved its way to unrelated paths and links.
But to be honest,I loved it still! I am so in love with your writing babe...tell me...am I reading too much???..lol :P ;)

Sakshi said...

Ok, calm down
I know too much of rain is depressing! I too have been in the thinking too much mode!

As far as the education system goes, trust me, I hear what my sister has to say about my niece's school and I die of thinking what will happen later.. it is just becoming tougher each day!

Well written :)

Renu said...

evrything changes with time and one adapts surely, so nothing to worry about:)

The Bald Guy said...


Banupriya said...

Guess, you have not much to do rather than thinking. Thinking can result in 2 direction. You think too way ahead that you tend to lose touch of what u are up to think. The other way, you get a clear idea of what you think. Hope you think the best way you can.

About these new system of education, I am so much relieved that I have completed mine with so ease. Well lets see how the next generation kids take it..