Thursday, September 23, 2010

3x7 tag

I had always heard of 24x7.And this 3x7 is something new and different. And I love things that are different from the usual. Look at me, this is tag time and I have all the nonsensical things going on in my mind. I feel like blabbering because I am super-happy today. I wish I could stretch my arms, stand up on my toes and touch the sky. It feels really good when a burden falls off your shoulders and you break free. Today was one such day. 

Now, because I am very happy, I decided to take this tag. Chitz tagged me sometime ago. Did I tell you that she wrote on her blog that I am one of her favourite bloggers? Did I..?? I just did. Yay..!! 

- Tag as many u want!
- Link their pages in your tag post
- Post a message / leave a comment screaming that they r tagged
- Mention the person who tagged you in your tag post, and link their blog.
- Write 3 X 7 things about yourself ..

Let me choose the order in which I want to take up the rules. 

Here goes the tag 3x7:

3 places i would pack my travel bag for

If you ask me then I just have one place in my mind right now. And that is Mumbai. Guys, please don't roll your eyes. I know the place is filled with filth but my friends talk about it so often that I have grown to love it. Actually, I always did love it. I have some fond memories of Mumbai. Every year I used to spend my summer vacations there. I didn't realize that Mumbai would fall in the list of places I would want to go to. I can almost hear Mumbai calling out to me. 
And if I have to give two more names then it'll be some place which is calmer than the metropolitans. With lots of greenery and ofcourse which is breathtakingly beautiful. It'll just be a vacation. If you know such a place then you can tell me.
3 On-Screen characters i love to watch

1. Jim Carrey (His laugh makes me laugh)
2. Hrithik Roshan (I have always loved him)
3. Julia Robberts (I cannot name a single movie of hers which I din't like)

3 moods that describes me the best

I am a hardcore moody person. It doesn't take time for me to switch between the moods. One moment I'll be jumping around and the next moment you'll find me sulking. However, if I have to list the 3 moods (Gosh, its going to be difficult), lemme think and write. Umm...
1. Cheerful. People say that I resemble a joker, not just in looks but in character too. I am always that bubbly chulbuli girl who is completely clumsy. You'll always find me running around here and there making stupid mistakes. 
2. Angry. I am not short-tempered but I can get extremely angry if things don't go my way. I am a spoilt brat and I love when people pamper me. So if you don't want me to get angry at you, pamper me. 
3. I-don't-care mood. I wish I could do away with that. But I can't. I am helpless. 

3 things i always think of doing on a weekend... but never did.. :)

Sleep. Yawn.

3 things from my childhood that i cant forget

As I said, I was always a joker, a known comedian in the family. I have a lot of memories from my childhood. Let us skip this one or else the next question would never come. 

3 things i wud never say no to

1. Chocolates
2. Pizza
2. Flowers (No roses for me, I have other preferences. Please consult me before buying one)

3 things i cant live without

1. An internet connection (God, I feel handicap without it)
2. My phone with ample balance in it. 
3. My night clothes (I don't mind wearing them even when I go out. If only I didn't have to think about impressing the guys)

And I tag Shivani, Renu, Supriya, Shalini, Ramit, Nipun, Mehak, Anjali and Sakshi.

A special mention of Cathy. I am tagging you. Hope it brings you back in form.

I am tagging only a few people so that those who have been tagged can pass on the tag to the common bloggers. 


Renu said...

Thanks for tagging me..this is so different tag that I am very curious to do it, but I have a few pending, so it may take a little time.

I can suggest a place where its lots of greenery and is really beautiful..Munnar and Cochin.oh they are two:)

choclate,flowers..a traditional girl:)

Mehak said...

thanks for the tag girl, but i'd already done this tag before:
:) :)

Anjali Gaur said...

I will love to do this tag...
And sweety be as happy, as you are today, always..

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Oooh coool, thank you for the tag, I looove tags :D and especially for the special mentions, I feel all, well, special now :)

No surprises, yet more in common. I am most definitely moody, like Julia Roberts, need the same stuff (in fact, pretty much the same for all, although I might have a few more pushing them to number 4 or 5)...and loooove Mumbai. Off to answer riiiight now :)

Sakshi said...

Awesome, I am gonna do this tag.. ASAp!
Thanks for tagging me :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

hehe.. Jim Carrey is a B. E. A. U. tiful actor... he's really good.

Chanz said...

@ Renu : U must. :)

Waise I was hoping to hear some place in the south. I really wish to go there.

Chanz said...

@ Mehak : aww... I didnt remember.

Chanz said...

@ Anjali : :)

Chanz said...

@ Cathy : Hahaha... Anytime.

Chanz said...

@ Sakshi : ofcourse, you must. It was fun.

Chanz said...

@ BP : U bet. :D

supriya said...

hey chanz...thanks for tagging me babe..!! :)
I'll surely take it up soon :)

Shalini said...

Nice tag! :)
Will take it up...thanks for tagging!

Mr Happy said...

ur posts dont tell that u r a joker (w.r.t character)

chitz said...

you sure are one of my favorite bloggers..n thanks for completing the tag..:)