Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So you think you are ready for it..??

I have been avoiding this for a long time now but every morning when I take the newspaper in my hands, I can almost see the national capital being reduced to ruins. Even before the monsoons arrived in Delhi, I could elicit what would be the fate of this city. While the commonwealth games are just round the corner, the whole city is dug up, the budget is being continually raised but the progress has been alarmingly slow. I really want to believe that the games would be a success but I see nothing going as per the plan.

Delhi is in the midst of hazy dusty clouds that is getting worse by each passing day. The entire Delhi is dug up. Yes, there was a time when I had complete faith in the progress of the constructions going on but with the stadiums giving in to the rain, I am forced to change my mind. With the quality certificates being fabricated, you can just blame the leakage and the architectural designs of the newly constructed stadiums. Better still, you can blame the corrupt politicians who still have the guts to make public statements claiming that there is absolutely no fault in the engineering of the buildings. Well, what would you expect if you are in a hurry to demolish the old Delhi and rebuild anew.

I am not a fool, nor are the other Delhiites. We aren't even blind. We completely are of sound mind and can logically deduce what we see and read every day. The budget has been revised 15-16 times, if I remember correctly. This is crazy. Forget about the poor quality furniture that has been ordered, the commonwealth village is not even ready and the games are exactly two months away. The swimming pool is not ready. The cycling event was on the verge of being scraped off because Delhi does not have a good cycling track. And still we hear the so called big shots talking about the games would be a success.

I really wish our ministers had not rented treadmills worth a  whooping 9 lakhs. I don't see any logic in spending 7000 bucks on a toilet paper roll. I wish they has used this money in something more constructive. With the commonwealth games 61days away from the date of commencement, I just cannot get myself to believe that the newly renovated Delhi would indeed look new.

Olympic games are due in 2012 and London is almost ready with the stadiums and state-of-the-art facility. I was amazed to read that they are ready to host the games if they were to start tomorrow. And look at Delhi. It doesn't seem all right. My family has ordered tickets for the swimming and the basketball events, and I promise I would definitely go in to see if India is capable of hosting it right or is it merely a rat-race of who-will-host-the-games-next.

If the preparations proceed in this manner then India will soon be black listed to be a host country. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

Maybe next time, we will genuinely put in our resources in the right direction rather than installing a few hundred condom vending machines.

If only we had a back-up plan.


Ankit said...

gud reflective concern supported by concrete facts.. hope atleast any one of the 21 agencies involved listens to it..

@ease said...

i hav different issues in mind... i am seriously concerned for the audience and d participants. i am scared if some stadium collapses during some events. wot if some eqipenmnts break during the practice or event. jesus...plz save them.
no stampede plz.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when there's a lack of good strategy. From the conception of the planning for the games, the preparation has been directionless. Not to mention the ministers and other high officials were going in the right direction - of bloating their pockets with greens.

And then you have to hear the conviction and confidence of our CM. Shame.

Chanz said...

@ ankit : thank u

Chanz said...

@ @ease : Well, I hadnt really thought about a stampede. Do you even understand what a stampede could result in. God forbid, the players might lose their lives during the events. And if they do, India will definitely be black listed. Not only that, we will lose all our credibility. Worse, we might be barred from participating in any international sports challenges.

Chanz said...

@ Shivani : Absolutely. Its quite sad that the ministers still have the heart to say that everything would go as per the plan. CWG are just 2 months away. I am sorry, I hate to say this but I have lost confidence in their planning.

Sakshi said...

I have been avoiding this topic too, because I am a mad hopeful. Not because I am a congress supporter, but because I sincerely feel, that it took some guts and loads of other things to even get the games here. I sincerely pray that things work out for Delhi. And somehow, I think that a nation like ours survives on prayers any which ways, so we all should be praying really hard. Maybe all the positivity helps.
If the games fail, it will be a huge set back not only to our city but also to our entire nation.
A lot is at stake, lets start the positivity drive and make the games a success.. for the face of our country.

Shalini said...

It is SAD...really SAD that the corrupt a-holes wouldnt stop even for the dignity of our own country in front of the whole world.
But I heard that even South Africa was going through the same thing before the World Cup, and since we Indians have a tendency of completing everything at the 11th hour, I am still hopeful! Fingers-crossed.

Renu said...

if only wishes were horses..we can wish and wish, but our politicians will keep on amassing wealth at the scost of country and countrymen.