Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Memories, and you..!!

Lying on the bed, I found nothing better to do
I stared at the ceiling above,
Perhaps trying to unpuzzle what the future beholds
not just for me, but for you as well.
But my quest to understand the future was long forgotten
In no time, I was lost in the maze so divine
My eyes filled with tears and my lips twitched
Emotions that brought you close,
slowly formed a dense cloud right in front of my eyes
Tossing and turning, the memories bedazzled
My thoughts unraveled, my mind entangled
Deeper and deeper I went into the labyrinth
with bewildering complexities, woven together.
My mind raced, I didn't want to waste any time
Of the little time I had, I just wanted to think about you
Everything else could wait, 
Wait for a lifetime, perhaps. 
This moment, it was just you
How I longed for you to be near
Hold my hand and hug me tight
For all the days and nights we have spent alone
Make up for all the time that has already been lost
They say, distance makes the heart grow fonder
I want to believe them, I really do, but I better not.
For I don't want the distance to come between us
I want you with me, right on my side.
No, I am not taking any chance.
Let there not be any distance
Come closer and lets not make our love, history.
Lets keep it fresh, the way it always was.
You have been gone for sometime,
But your memories never left me. 
Its all fresh and its coming back to me.
The first time you held my hand
The first time you hugged me
The first time you kissed me
The first time you made love to me
The first time you bent down to wipe my tears.
I remember it all, and I wouldn't even forget
For moments that have gone by 
and for my moments that are yet to come 
Come honey, come back to me
Come, kiss me and hold me tight
Don't let the distance come between us.
I miss you today, but tomorrow it'll be you
and if you miss me, don't frown at the thought 
because I didn't walk away, it was you who had let me go.
Come honey, come back to me
with arms wide open, I wait for your return
Come, kiss me and hold me tight
Come, before its too late.


@ease said...

louuu..is in air..!!

Anjali Gaur said...

yes "love in the air"... and the air is flowing across the state to reach someone......

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

o_O hain hain... kya baat hain...:D

sepo said...

lovvvee is in the air...! lol

Surbhi Jain said...

I miss you today, but tomorrow it'll be you
and if you miss me, don't frown at the thought
because I didn't walk away, it was you who had let me go.


Nalini Hebbar said...


Chanz said...

@ @ease : yes... louuuuuuu in the the air... :D

Chanz said...

@ anjali : trying to do that..

Chanz said...

@ Sid : M seeing you on my blog after a long time

Chanz said...

@ Sepo : Hehe.. yes..

Chanz said...

@ Surbhi : :)

Chanz said...

@ Nalini : thanks Nalini.. I am nowhere like you..

Nipun said...

Lovely poem chanz..

Love rises at the time of rains.
Keep it flowing..:)

May love never ends..::)



Chandrika Shubham said...

How romantic! :)

Garry said...

Love IS in the air...but I found some sadness too...

supriya said...

is it just the weather....or u r in love head over heels?

Chanz said...

@ NIpun : Amen..!!


Chanz said...

@ chandrika : thank u:)

Chanz said...

@ Garry : :( yeah...u got that right...

Chanz said...

@ sups : perhaps both... :D