Sunday, July 25, 2010

Little things that matter

I had gone to the mall today. I wasn't in the best of my moods (don't ask me why because I don't know either). It was just a routine mood swing and I had been silent the whole day. And then something happened that made me smile for a little while. 

Let me not waste time. I'l come straight to the incident. I had to use the washroom (everybody does, so don't raise your eyebrows. I ain't talking filthy). Now, as I entered the rest room, there was a maid (I don't know if she is called by a specific name, but the point is that she is the one who sweeps and cleans the toilets). So she was sitting just behind the door and I had, perhaps, hit her as I opened the what door. I just said a quick sorry and moved on. But she hurriedly got up and stopped me from using the washroom. I was a bit taken aback and I couldn't really understand what was going inside. She asked me to come out of the loo. And then she said, "aap yahan ruko, main dekh leti hun ki seat saaf hai ya nahi" (you wait here, lemme check whether the seat is clean or not). Saying this she wiped the seat even though it was already clean, and tore put a big chunk from the toilet roll and covered the bin so that I couldn't see the dirty things inside. 

Trust me, it was the first time I had seen something of this sort. Well, you might say that its her job to keep the washroom clean but who bothers to do that in a mall. Besides, it is something that you would do on your own. If it hadn't been for that woman, and if the toilet seat had been dirty, I would have cribbed for not more than 5 secs, cursed the one who had used it before me and I would automatically put a tissue around it. I mean, seriously guys, I had entered the toilet when she asked me to come out and she cleaned it. I was really impressed. I had made a mental note to leave her a tenner for her commendable gesture but when I came out she had just vanished. She wasn't there. 

Don't you guys think that it was really nice of her to do something like that. Its not a five star hotel or even a restaurant where the rest rooms are kept spick and span. It was a mall, for Christ's sake. 

Anyway, it was really impressive. Maybe, I'll remember it for a long time. 

By the way, it is my bhai and bhabhi's anniversary today. I had gifted them a pair of ceramic fish (see below) for their new home. I had also written a sort-of-poem to go with it. Read on and lemme know how do you find it.

The Buddhist say so,
So do the Christians,
The Hindus and the Jains too.
The ancient oceanic explorers
have been awed by their findings from the deep

A fish is much more than a fish,
For it gives you wisdom,
And makes your brain sharp enough to reason.
The one in Gold brings good fortune,
Peace and prosperity, in your life, all attuned.
With its eyes open at all times, 
It'll bring to you 
A panorama of harmony, uninterrupted.
It'll teach you to be like itself,
with no fear to drown in the ocean of sufferings.
On this special occasion, 
I pass on to you the fish in Gold 
May these fish fill your home
with its golden-red-orange brilliance 
and fill your life with these vibrant hues.

Well, to be truthful, this is the first time I wrote a poem which doesn't not talk about emotions and feelings in general. The first time I wrote about something tangible. So I really really really want an honest feedback.. 


The Bald Guy said...

Great experience! I've only seen that happening in hotels and airports! Never in a mall!


Chanz said...

@ TBG : I told ya... I was zapped..

supriya said...

hey chanz...kudos to the sweeper..really..!! and poem was a real good attempt..but i feel you can do better too (i am just being honest).
PS- the gift one of the bests anyone could ever think of..!! Bravo...!!

Garry said...

It indeed is great to see someone adding that brilliance to their job... I too have seen this happen twice,,,once in a mall and once in a movie hall...

and the gift is wonderfull & beautifull and so is the poem...I found it realllyyy its not very easy to sit down and write about something with me I can write that way...poems usually are structured on thr in I just structure the stream of flowing thoughts... but whn it comes to giving a direction to the stream of thoughts its difficult...hope you get what I mean..!! ;)

Punia said...

usko tip to de k aana tha atleast, u shud hav searched her,u r too lazy....

Amit said...

I agree with Punia, a tip would have gone a long way. Next time...

Garry said...

You have been tagged here


Anonymous said...

Which mall's which level's which toilet ??

Jaspreet said...

It must have been a wonderful experience,when someone does something for you, without expecting anything in return,it certainly is an overwhelming feeling!
As far as the poem goes,I am amazed at how you've written so many lines in the form of a poem ,without much of feelings in it!A different kind of a poem i must say! :)

Shas said...

Thats such a sweet dedication for ur bhai n bhabi. Belated Anniversary to them.
It was even sweeter of you to write about the sweeper. Sad to say that very often we take their labour for granted.

Sidra Sayeed said...

its nice to acknowledge people's effort. This post will probably help encourage people to be more courteous.

Shalini said...

awwwwwwwwwwww....that was really nice of the maid to do all that.
And its a really nice gift! :)

Sakshi said...

This is great. Very few are as lucky as you...!!!
Lovely poem and present..!!! :)

chitz said...

tht was really nice of the lady...and great poem too...

Puja said...

Woowwwww lucky girl that u met such nice female around loo..... I guess mall people nw hv known this fact that serive is important ....:P

Nwazzzz the poem is truly amazing..never knew u do all this also..gud work girl :)