Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The year that went by

Awrite, this is it. I know a lot of people have already gone through this phase and have already had their share of feelings and emotions clouding them and this is not something new thats happening. But, I have to agree that I never realised that on completing a year with the blogging world, I would actually be jumping around and throwing a party for the guy who introduced me to this virtual space. Yeah, you read that right. I am throwing a party for him. (wink wink). But hang on lemme introduce you guys to the most irritating man himself.

Presenting, the one and only @ease (I am sure, you must have read this name many a times here)

So, you guys already know him. But there is something that you guys don't know. 

Well, it so happened that @ease and I had a fight. And I just cannot keep my feelings inside and take every route to take out my anger (I will write a complete post on the benefits sometime later). I did the same with him. I wrote a long mail and said everything that I wanted to say (basically, it was just a blame game and if you girls need classes on that, drop in your email-ids, I don't mind tutoring you). So, where was I. Yeah, the blame game. For me, it was just a way to vent out my anger but surprisingly, he came up to me and said, "Girl, you must write" And I was like, "Whaaat? Hello, I wrote that mail to gain some sympathy" Grrrrrrrr.. 

So after things were back to normal, this gem of a guy idiot freaked me out and told me that he loved the way I write. He said that there is something in me my writing that attracted me towards him (ummm, am I boasting too much). 

Thats how my blog came up..

And today, I complete a year of writing on this space. I have read a lot of people writing about how their blogs have become the most cherished part of their lives, how much they like being associated with it, how it de-stresses them, what it means to them and how much they enjoy writing on it. I am sure you guys must have already read about it elsewhere, so I am not going to waste my time repeating it 'coz I feel exactly like you did on your blog's first birthday (err.. do I call it a birthday or anniversary). But the only thing I am going to say here is that I loved every bit of it. 

I have exceeded 50 followers, and I am nearing 100 posts (okay, that is making me a proud woman). 

I cannot forget the day I was feeling a bit let down because I had expected that people would read my blog and I wanted immediate  response but the only people who read my blog were a couple of my close friends. To tell you the truth, I didn't know what I wanted from this blog. I wasn't in the habit of writing when I made an account with blogger. Perhaps, I just wanted some people to compliment me and push me further into it. But when there were no people reading it and there was nothing that could motivate me, The Bald Guy came to my rescue. One of the oldest readers of my blog, TBG made me feel comfortable specially when it came to strangers reading my blog. I have always seen this guy commenting on my blog. Initially, he used to point out my mistakes and give brotherly advice whenever it was needed. And till date, he is seen commenting on my posts and he is getting balder day by day. Actually, that doesn't really matter till the time he is reading my blog. 

Then it was buckinfastard and Anju who started reading my blog. Anju perhaps didn't like my blog that much and she stopped reading it (commenting on it too) a few months back but BF still bugs me with his comments (kidding) and I still don't know his name. I am surprised that he hasn't realized that people find it weird to call him buckinfastard. 

Then there is Rashmi, a super cool woman. Totally bindaas. I never knew that I would find a friend on blogger. Love you Rashmi.

Hey wait, I had totally forgotten about my college friend Nikhil, who pushed me into writing fiction. He said, "Listen, nobody wants to read about what you did and what you didn't. Write something which people would actually read. Write stories" And thats how my stories began. And my other college friends, who were already on blogger, deserve a mention too. I learnt a lot from their blogs. 

Shivani, the one who is always on the run, has been missing from her blog but she still finds time to read my posts and I simply love her comments. Sometimes they inspire me, sometimes they makes me laugh, sometimes it leaves me emotional and sometimes, it just makes me think. Err.. the last one doesn't happen too often, though.

Sorcy and Sid came almost at the same time and they have one of the most popular blogs around. Both have their unique way of writing but their aim is the same; they make you laugh. They make you go crazy. And that is the best thing about them.

Then came a lady who shares the same interests like me, which ofcourse I discovered later. Chitz, a girl who loves her husband a lot and loves the way her life is. I never knew that Chitz and I would paint and write, the common hobbies between us. 

And Nipun aka 'Nuts' always cheers me up no matter what my mood is. His comments are always a pleasure to read. 

GarimaRenuChandrikaCathySakshiPratikOrangeSupriyaSaurabh and Punia, definitely deserve to be mentioned. They are the ones who have been continually reading my blog. 

And the ones who joined me recently, VandyAtulSepoMehakTavish and Maria helped my followers count touch 50. 

I am sorry if I missed some names. It doesn't mean that you guys are not important. You are, lemme tell you that now.

Ofcourse there are some people who secretly read my blog but never tell me. Neither are they in my followers list nor do they ever comment. But they know whats going on and whats the hot topic on my blog. I thank you people too. You guys definitely increase the hits on my blog. :D

Frankly, I have never thanked you guys (nor had I even thought about it) but when I have got this opportunity, I think I should coz you have kept me going. I never knew that I would find a small li'l world that is much more sweeter than the one gifted by God (I am sorry God, but I couldnt have used better words to explain this feeling)

I hope I keep writing. Unlike my other hobbies, I do not want to lose interest in this skill so soon. My mood swings are generally not able to cross even the slightest of barriers and I end up losing interest in almost everything I put my hands on. I am keeping my fingers crossed, I just want this to go on. 

PS : After 4-5 years, I went for a swim today. And I am sure you know what I have to say about it. I simply loved it. Though my muscles are hurting me now but it was wonderful to finally jump into the pool. While office has been keeping me busy these days, the swim did wonders and feel so relaxed. If I get time, I'll take a sip tomorrow as well. Or maybe it can wait 'coz I am supposed to treat @ease (Remember..!!)

PPS : I never knew that I would write a "thank you speech". Perhaps I should attend some bollywood award function and see if my speech works there.(Sorry guys, bad joke..!!)


@ease said...

the closing lines were real torture..!!


and trust me, the pleasure was all mine all this while.

Happy anniversary..!!
shall we commemorate our fights too...which provoked u to write. ;)

last but not least..."Rodeos calling"

Chanz said...

So u called it anniversary... and i called it bday... lets just start fighting over it...

Yup rodeos calling

cheers to our fights... !! :D

damn..!! i forgot to mention that generally your are among the first ones to comment on my blog...


starry said...

congrats and keep writing.

The Bald Guy said...

Lovely post and great idea!

But of course! Whose sister are you anyways!

*swells with pride*

Maria said...

Hiii Chanz...congrats and happy aniv to ur blog...ok. i still prefer to call it happy 1st birthday :)
love what/and how u write. Keep up the good work and keep us engaged...with ur stories. And tx for mentioning me, that was soo sweet girl :)
I havent been regular on the blogging world since last 1 month, but shall be back in full force soon so that i dont miss any posts.

Happy bday again and keep banging on that keyboard :)

vandy said...

u write so well
and yeah
this blogging world means so much to us (bloggers)

P.S. fr not checking out the older posts actually i was out of town

Tara said...

Congrats !! Keep going ..

anjali said...

and all this while I was thinking thats its the boring office that makes you write......
anyways "Happy Day" (dont know whether its bday or annversry)
And yes, we deserve a special thank you as we give live commentary on all your posts...

Chanz said...

@ starry : thanks :)

Chanz said...

@ TBG : Gee..!! Heee..!! I feel good..

Chanz said...

@ maria : thanks honey.. :)

Chanz said...

@ vandy : thanks..

tahts ok.. even I wasnt ablt to take out time to read any blogs..

Chanz said...

@ Tara : thanks..

Chanz said...

@ njali : thanks a lot...

ofcourse you too deserve a thank u.. specially for reading all that i had to write...

anjali said...

Pleasure is all mine sweetheart... I will continue reading your blog and for that you dont need to blackmail me by kidnapping my "a"...

Chanz said...

oopa... sorry anjali... u can have your "a" back..

Punia said...

thanks chick, i lik readin ur blog, most of d times itz intresting :-P, i wnt anniversity partyyyyyyyyyy

Mehak said...

happy blogversary!! looking forward to more good posts! cheers :)

Rashmi said...

Now this sure calls for a party, i am not telling you here but i do have a surprise stored in for you, only and exclusively for you.
Loved the mention of me in your life even though here, i too equally have found a close pal in you girl, you make me feel best, need i say more that we are soul sisters if not anything else :)
Love you lots

Sakshi said...

Party Time...!!! :) btw, it was Shayon who introduced my to blogging. And, it was him, who told me that, I need to start reading in order to start writing better.
So thank you girl.:)

Karan said...

Wow !! An achievement from an achiever.And not to forget all those who came in this journey. Such is life dearies. Happy sharing.

Nipun said...

My name was highlighted differently..
Jumping jumping high..
Waise hum acche authors ko pad hi lete hain...:P
Ab thoda tareef krna to unka bhi banta h..
Thanks for writing wonderful stuff from every field of the globe and making this blogging journey enjoyable.
Ur writing is really awesome..:)



p.s. Keep writing..:)

Garima said...

awweee....that is sooo soooo sooooo shweet...

This one was one of a kind...you kept a track of almost everyone...

...and you know what...none of my friends read my blog on a regular basis :P ... if I write something that I want them to read I let them know...otherwise no one is interested in reading my blog..na school frndz...na college...na offc...aur na ghar ke :P

And of course...Congratulation on the Birth Anniversary of your blog ;-) ... I sure would hang around to see your upcoming posts... enough is never enough :)