Sunday, June 20, 2010

Whats up doc..??

I had promised to you guys that I would share with you my experience with the doctors (orthopaedics, to be more precise). Remember, I had sprained my leg. As an update, the sprain is just not getting better. And my mom is just scaring the shit out of me with her experience. She has warned advised  me to keep my foot straight and not let it hang in air while sitting or else she would not let me go to the office on monday. Dhamiki, you see.

So, let me start the story. I went to 4 doctors.

Doc 1 : (This one has his clinic right inside the society where I live)
He examined by leg for quite some time, talked about things which were less important (for instance, my migraine, which was absolutely not related to my sprain). He asked me how prone was I to sprains to which I replied that I used to fall down a lot while I was a kid. And then came the question (or perhaps it was an assertion) to which I had no answer. He asked me (or rather told me) that I used to get my sprains from dancing.  Well it is half truth. I used to dance a lot but I am no professional. When I learnt odissi dance, I sprained my leg just once. That is it. But seeing his confidence, I gave in and said yes. It is the dance which needs to be blamed. Anyway. So, after a lot of frustrating minutes that I spent in his clinic, the doc finally asked me to get an X-ray done. 

Doc 2 : (Now this is an exciting story) My mom and dad took me to another doctor only because they wanted to take a second opinion. So we went to this doctor who had a big clinic near my dad's office. It was about 11 o'clock in the morning at that time and the shutters were down. While my dad was parking the car, my glance fell upon the "24 hours open" board which stood in its place at the top of the building. Did I just say that the shutters were down. But the poor compounder stood under the board trying to fit himself in the only place which was out of reach from the sun's rays. He told us that the doctor forgot to give the keys to him and is already on his way to the clinic and would also treat me. Obviously. My dad wandered away to find out some reviews about this doctor. When he came back, he told us that this doctor was a gold medalist from AIIMS. Perhaps, it was worth the wait. So we were waiting for 10 minutes until he came and opened his clinic.(It looked more like an inauguration with 5 people standing behind the shutter, waiting for it to be pulled up). The exciting part is yet to come. So after making ourselves comfortable (you know exactly how it is when the clinic has just been opened), the doctor finally got to see his patient. After a lot of introspection, this is what he had to say.
Doc : You have a ligament tear
Me : Oh. (As if I didnt know). So, what needs to be done.
Doc : You need an X-ray. Get it done and come back to me. 
Me : But its just a sprain. I know its not fracture because if it had been, I wouldnt have been able to walk. 
Doc : You still need a plaster.
Dad : But its a sprain. 
Doc : You see, this area (pointing to my ankle) is quite prone to sprains. The possibility of a fracture is quite low. But we need to get an X-ray done.
Dad : And then..??
Doc : We put a plaster.
Dad : Oh. But that is in the case of a fracture. What if it is just a sprain. A muscle tear won't come in the X-ray.
Doc : We will still put a plaster. But I am telling you, it is just a ligament tear.
Dad : Then why are we getting an X-ray done?
Doc : To see for how much duration the plaster will be put for. 
Me, Dad and Mom : Ohhh.
Dad : Okay. Then let me just talk to my family doctor. He is not in town. What time can we come back to you.
Doc : I won't come again.
Dad : Okay, in the evening. When should I get her for the plaster.
Doc : Never..
My dad gave a puzzled look...  @#$#.. ?? 
Doc : Once rejected, I don't treat the patient. If you do not have the courtesy to get treated when the doctor came specially for you then I am sorry I cannot help. 
I wanted to shout in his face and hit him with that "24 hours open" board but I got up and walked out without a word.
By the way, did I mention that this doctor was a surdy. 

Doc 3 : Not much happened at this doctor's clinic. We were waiting for him for almost 20 mins outside his clinic. When my dad went inside (again) to ask what was keeping him busy, the receptionist told him that the doctor is having his breakfast..!! Grrrrrrr...

Doc 4 : Okay. This one was the most sensible out of the lot. He did not have a big clinic nor was he a gold medalist. He sat in a small shop kind of a place and carried the reputation of curing all those patients whose cases were not solved by the two doctors I went to. He just bandaged my ankle and gave me a little bit of heat therapy and that was it. 

Gah..!! Sometimes, you dont know whom to trust and whom not to. 

Enough of the doctor-patient game.

Today is fathers day. And the best thing I could do sitting at home was to let my bhabhi's kids make cards for their daddy. 

Check it out. 

Aren't they cute.. 



Atul said...

... so u let ur bhabhi's kids draw something for their dad! phew!

Chanz said...

wait... did i goof up..??

Hell no...
my bhabhi's kid's made a cade for their daddy.. matlab my brother.. thats ok..

Atul.. I'll kill you.. !!!

annum said...

Hey Chandni,

Nice blog yet again!

Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

ha ha ha ha....:P 24 hrs open clinic... get well soon....:P

Punia said...

Spellin mistak in doc 2 paragraph, 4th line, dear ki jagah near hona tha ladki,raja n rancho

Anonymous said...

WTH... look at Doc 2's attitude.. and Doc 3's unscruplousness. :-O

That's why.. that's exactly why I despise doctors... They do their MBBS, MS, become surgeons or whatever.. take oath to treat patients with all sincerity.. And the moment they get appointed by the best hospital in town, they forget everything... they make money for opening their private clinics and advertise it with "24 hours open" strategy.... And that's it... Their career blooms. Then they marry a female doctor and expect their kids to grow up and run family business...

WTH.. i'm furious.
Are both of these docs in Noida? If yes, where? I'll be making a list of which doctors should not be visited in noida in case of emergency.

Atul said...

heeeehaaaaaheeeeeehaaaaaahohohohohohoh! :P

Chanz said...

@ annum : thanks girl.. :)

Chanz said...

@ sid : yeah.. 24 hrs open..

thanks :)

Chanz said...

@ Punia : thanks for correcting... :)

Chanz said...

@ shivani : I know... I was like wtf... look at his attitude... everybody takes a second opinion.. come on..!!

and no... they are not from noida... infact I have no clue abt the doctors here.. went to fortis hospital once.. except that it was too crowded, it wasnt bad to be treated there..

Nipun said...

Docs will be docs.
Money making is the key dese days.

Atleast ur 4th one was ryt.
There are times when none is the ryt and treats for malaria rather than pneumonia.
These cards are really sweet,,



Pratik Gupta said...

Please pass me the details of the surdy doctor. i would love to get myself treated from him once. he is an amazing character. I a glad you got hold of right doc....But still Surdy Rock!! :)

Chanz said...

@ Nipun : when my sprain wasnt ok in a week, I doubted the fourth one as well.. :(

Chanz said...

@ Pratik : No way.. !! :(