Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deserted Road

I don't know, it may sound a little weird. I mean, I felt weird when I saw it. I wasn't really feeling comfortable. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind and I tried to put the pieces together. But I couldn't really understand. I am not sure whether my mind was pointing in the correct direction or was it that I was just trying to deduce everything out of nothing.

Today, while coming back from the office, I saw a Pajero parked on a secluded road through which I pass everyday. Two hefty men dressed in similar looking black safari suits with dark sunglasses stood outside the SUV. They had their backs towards the car and were talking to each other. These men looked like bouncers who are generally seen with big shots while they make a public appearance (minus the guns, ofcourse). So when I saw them standing there, I couldnt help but wonder what was going in that car. I mean, I am not sure whether something was really going on or not but I just couldnt get myself to believe that everything was alright. I smelled something fishy.

Perhaps some one famous (or rich) had got a girl and was having a wonderful time with her. Or it could have been a prostitute. It could be an extra marital affair. I don't want to say this but it could be a possibility that a poor girl was victimized and eaten up by some filthy rich hungry wolf.

Obviously, the men outside the car must be keeping an eye on the surroundings. I became suspicious because the road is generally deserted. It is almost entirely devoid of traffic and is considered to be the end of the city beyond which stands a slightly uninhabited area. Considering the place, I cannot really blame my thoughts for wandering too much.

But I couldn't help but think about a women being abused. Today I wasn't alone in the car. But someday, when I will be alone travelling on that stretch, what am I supposed to do if I encounter something like this. I have no clue about that.

Nevertheless, I hope its just my stupid brain drawing unnecessary conclusions.


sepo said...

i hope that too (its only your imagination...!)

well, working women like you do have to be extra cautious, i hpe you do carry some pepper spray or something..!

Golden Vulture said...

oye wele tension le rahi hai :).. koi CIA waale hounge .. ;)India ghoomne aaye hounge ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember one thing... never stop your car or even slow it down on such roads.... just keep driving.... Ignore the temptation to know what might be going on..

Which is this deserted road by the way? Is it in Noida?

The Bald Guy said...

If you live in the NCR region that I recall you living in, then you should change your route. There's been too much crime there recently. Ditto Shivani.

Please drive with all your car doors locked the windows rolled up.

Take care.

Punia said...

change route or put a pepper spary wid u

Atul said...
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Atul said...

buy a fake beard and mustache (naatak mandali wali) and put it on ur face while driving! ;-)

Chanz said...

I hope it really is my imagination. I don't want it to be true.. But a poor scared heart like mine, gets goosebumps when I think about it..

Chanz said...

I used to carry a pepper spray when I did not have a car.. But I stopped using that long back.. That reminds me that I have to buy one..

Thanks guys.. :)

and Atul, I really like your idea.. Quite innovative.. But there is a problem in this.. What do I do with my hair.. And what if a hot dude throws a glance and smiles t me while driving.. He wouldnt unless he is gay

Barbie Jones said...

What's wrong with a gay guy,at least he won't be chasing hot chicks on you,nor will hot chicks chase him so you have to barricade him if he's good looking that is.You see,I grew up with an extremely good looking brother,I know good looking guys' problem with women very well.I was very proud of my brother,but girls did bother my mother and me wanting our company to near him be,hehehe.