Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New beginnings

With a cup of coffee in my hands
I sat in the verandah
entagled in my own thoughts
when a sudden gust of wind
blinded me with those tiny particles
that it carried with itself.
This was, perhaps, a good sign
Perhaps, a beginning
A beginning that I wanted to look forward to
I managed to glance at the blue sky
which had now become cloudy
Yes, it is going to rain
I jumped with joy
and danced around
for I wanted to be a happy soul today.
Forgetting about my coffee cup
which now sat on the table
I hurried outside.
Taking two steps at a time,
I climbed down and reached the patio.
One step forward,
and I would be standing under the vast expanse of sky
One step forward,
and I would be the queen today.
One step forward,
and I would dance like a peacock.
One step forward,
thats all I had to take
but before I could,
I saw a young girl
probably my age
but crippled for life.
One step forward
is what she took.
But that step brought her pain
and uneasiness too.
It was then I realized
that there are others in this world
with dreams bigger than mine
and yet they knew
that their dreams were far too unachievable
because they were not like you and me.
I looked up at the sky again
This time my eyes
were not interested in the rain
nor the dark sky
nor the lightening
but they were on the lookout for God.
To thank him
I could read
I could write
I could walk
I could jump
I could dance
I could play
and I could move my hands in every way
for I was born lucky
And I was not deprived of the basics
unlike that young girl
who was now looking at the sky .
Perhaps, she wanted to throw away her cane
and dance just like the way I wanted to.
Was it really the beginning I was looking for
Beginning of en end
or an end of a beginning.


Anonymous said...

It's not easy living a life with even the basics not in place.

Its tough !! Life is difficult !!

Chanz said...

@ Shivani : I know.. Its tougher than we have ever imagined it to be

Anonymous said...

badiya kavita thi.....

Punia said...

badiya kavita thi

Chanz said...

@ puni : dhanyavaad.. :)

Sakshi said...

Beautiful Chanz... so positive...

Chanz said...

@ sakshi : thanks girl... this comment really means a lot to me..

Readers Dais said...

thats a beautiful thought well expressed.. :)

Manjari Singh said...

m speechless , just beautiful !!

Chanz said...

@ Readers Dais: Thanks a lot..:)

Chanz said...

@ Manjari : glad u liked it.. :)

Mehak said...

delightful! i loved your use of words...:)

Chanz said...

@ Mehak : thanks girl...

Garry said...

very well written,,,reminds me of something that wrote years back but with a different point of you...would try to search if i can...