Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Food for my eyes and ears

Yes, I could finally see things clearly this holi. I could see everybody. Even those who had secret intentions of putting colour on me. But I could see them coming towards me. Absolutely clear. Yay..!! Finally, after years of having a blurred vision, I could see clearly this holi. Every Holi was spent with a vision that didnt let me see clearly. And after I got a lasik surgery done last year, holi was much much colourful this time. And I loved it.

Anyways, I was sitting quite vella at home. And guess what. I found my skteching book.

Its been ages since I used my pencils.

(Left -ship, and Above- tree) I am sure many of you must have seen this tree and this boat. A lot of people interested in art make these.

(Above) I dont know but I really love this one. I love the girl. I remember making this one atleast 5-6 times. Sadly, I have just one copy with me.


(Right )And This one is so different.
Though it didnt come out so well.
But when you are the creator,
you tend to love everything you create.

And some of my paintings :

I tried to copy this one from a famous artist. The original painting is still there in my Nani's house. I couldnt really make it so well.

(Below) : Simple wax crayons. I am not really                                                   (Below) Water colours.
a fan of animals when it comes to art.
I dont know, but I felt quite low on seeing these. I realised how much I waste my time. Its not that I saw these after a long time. I have been seeing them time and again. But I realised that there are things which I am so damn passionate about and still they are being neglected in the day-to-day life. I felt sad. I really wanted to take up painting as a hobby. A full time hobby. Or even a source of income.

All the above paintings and sketches that you saw, they are just a copy from some painting books which every other person who is even a little interested in this field, owns. I am sure, you must have already seen these somewhere or the other. But my heart is in them. And they are so dear to me.

You know what. The last time I made something was way back in 2004. If u click on these pics, you can see the date on them. 2002, 2003, 2004. None after that. And yesterday, I felt the urge to make one. And I did it.

I made this one yesterday. After 5 years. And I felt on top of the world. I felt so close to my paintings. Yet again.

And when I showed it to my mom, I was dumbfounded by what I heard. And if I tell you, there will be surprised gazes all around. Okay. She asked me to leave everything, like job, studies, everyting. And do what I always wanted to do.

Yes. This.

All these years I really wanted my folks to say it. But the reality is so much different. I think I am too late to take it up as a profession. I have never had a formal training. I never went to art classes. Though I always wanted to join one. I know myself. I know my flaws. I have too many. And now I am just too out of practice. While I made this sketch yesterday, the curves didnt come naturally to me as they used to come earlier. It would take years of training to be able to take it up entirely.

How I wish, my parents had said it earlier. Trust me, I would have taken it up. For sure.

But now..

I have to think...

PS: I haven't read even a single blog since the past 3 days. Dont worry guys, I will make it up by tomorrow. :)


chitz said...

Beautiful yaar..even i love sketching ..i liked ur girl the best..:)

Saurabh Panshikar said...

ooooooh parents put you in a tough spot! seems the ball is in your court now...!

sketches are really good. I liked the ship the most. And of course the topless Mermaid! lol

Enjoy the clear vision!

Chanz said...

@ Chitz : thanks girl... O too love that pic.. :)

Chanz said...

@ Saurabh : I know. its difficult now. Who wants to leave a nice paying job. But again, its painting. It'll be now or never.. :(

And LOL @ mermaid. I should have thought twice before uploading that one.. :P

supriya said...

yaar you are just awesome...!!! Hats off..! I can't even draw a single straight line without the help of a ruler.
And please don't ever say that its too late. Its never too late. I have someone among my friends and she has the same kind of amazing drawing skills just like yours. she is my immediate junior in engineering and she always curses herself to come to this field rather than something of her interest. and the irony is her father pushed her so hard to take up her dream-field after schooling. but she herself went for engineering.
Now whatever is done has gone. you take my example...
i have never given up on my dream of publishing my book of poems. please do live your dream. i have written so many posts regarding this concern. please go through them once.
to quote another example...a few days ago iw as watching some award function where actor boman irani got an award and he came to the stage and said that i started to act at the age of 50 and then i knew that its never too late for anything in life!
So i would say...just go for it...!!!

Chanz said...

@ Supriya : Lol.. I think I haveheard that boman irani wala example before... heehe.. I know.. Maybe that will give me some inspiration. Hehehe..

Thanks a ton sweety.. :0

Anonymous said...

oh bete.. you've made these paintings and sketches? Don't tell me.. They're fantastic babes...I'm so jealous because when I start drawing an apple, it ends up looking like a mango.. :(
You have talent.. don't give it up, start sketching again... you must.. !!
I know its too late to take it up professionally n all that.. but you never know when things change .. it takes a moment, one click and the way of your life changes.
One should NEVER give up what he/she is good at. !!!!

Chanz said...

Hehehe.. yeah.. I made them.. I really dd make themm.. :)

I dont know.. I am too confused.. It takes a lot of heart to quit the job and take this up.. The only thing is that I have to learn a lot. Before I can do it more professionally..

maybe it will always remain a hobby..

sepo said...

hey jus loved the sketches and paintings :)

mermaid for my favorite :)

Atul said...

1) ur sketches are really good and they remind me of a school friend of mine, now a well established professional and still continues her sketching... (and i don't know y i mentioned that!)
2) and i was wondering if u name ur sketches and paintings... i guess that is a traditional practice...

The Bald Guy said...

Gosh you're good! Way to go girl!

Nalini Hebbar said...

you seem young, and have your parents behind you...go for it girl...get enrolled in an arts course...

I am a mother of a 15 year old who hasn't written a single exam since his 7th class...but he is the captain of the Under 16 State Cricket team...I never stood in his way...his determination can make mountains fly!

Chanz said...

@ Sepo : thanks sweety.. :)

Chanz said...

@ Atul : maybe you took her name to give me an example.. Maybe..

N abt the writing the name part.. Well, when I was quite young I noticed that artists write their names at the bottom of any painting.. So, I too started writing my name.. And I have been following it since then.. Dont know of it is a tradtional method or if some new method has come up.. But all the paintings in my house still have names.. Plus, it gives me a complete artist feeling.. You know there is something called, "Feel good factor"..!!

Chanz said...

@ The Bald Guy : Heeeee.. Really..?? Big Brother, you really think so..?? :)

Chanz said...

@ Nalini : Thats amazing. Feels good to hear that.. You must be a proud mother..

M glad.. Really glad..

Btw Welcome to my blog.. :)

vandy said...

awesome,,,,,,,,,,,,,felt nostalgic,,,,,,,,remembered my drawings,,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep painting ok

Chanz said...

Oh... u too paint vandy..??

subu.ps said...

It is not too late even now and we can't blame it on parents too. In our social set up our parents wants to play safe. They don't want to risk their childs future by letting her go in a different career path. Only some parents do that and in all other cases it is the kids who have to break the shackles and emerge successful in their own chosen path.
There is no point in worrying now!!

Chanz said...

@ Subu.ps : Well yeah.. That the reason I studied.. But I am nt sure what to do..

Pointblank said...

hey.. it is my first time here..

So u did a Lasik? And how was the experience? Ur eyes dry up soon? Even I'm considering it.

About the sketches... if u really really want to do smthg, I feel u should just do it. And if u have the interest and willingness to work, it won't be impossible. Good Luck!

Garima said...

I have the same sketchbook :D ... and I have made the ship and the dancing couple too :D :D
I gifted 2 of my sketches to 2 people who are very close to my heart...you have instilled an urge to write about my experience of painting too. :D :D :D

would do it pretty soon...and yeah, it's never too late to do the right thing!!!

Chanz said...

@ pointblank : Welcome sweety..

Well yeah, I got lasik done about 6 months back. I do have dry eyes, but it gets back to normal once I put eyes drops. Though this doesnt happen very regularly but yes, when I sit in front of the computer for hours for a couple of days then I need to lubricate them once in a while.

But the point is if you get 6/6 vision then a few drops of medicine once or twice a week is indeed a good bet..

Chanz said...

@ Garima : I am so excited. You are the third person I have across in Blogosphere who writes and paints..

Plz plz plz do upload your paintings on our blog. I would love to see them.. :)

Garima said...

you can find one of them on my flickr album...here's the link for you - http://www.flickr.com/photos/lost_poetess/3520803717/

This is my fav so far and the best one too :D

PS. Are you a Gemini by any chance??

@ease said...

@ chanz: why don u join the paintin classes of the famous painter Mr ease.

Chanz said...

@ Garima : Wow girl.. You are too good.. Loved it..

N nope.. M a leo..

Chanz said...

@ @ease: Yaa right.. That Mr ease who doesnt know how to draw.. :P

Amrit said...


Garima said...

@Chanz - Thanks :) appreciation is the reward for artists :D

Leo...of course if not Gemini :) my closest friend is also a Leo and she also sketches...there are some traits in common...

Chanz said...

@ Amrit : Thanks.. :)

Chanz said...

@ Garima : Absolutely..

But I am quite surprised abt Gemini being artistic.. My mom is a gemini and she is super duper bad in this.. :P

BUt i loved the kid you sketched.. The smile was way too charming..

Nipun said...

Chandni Vinci or Chandni Picassa?
Which name do u like tell me??

U are amazing..:)
A versatile genius..
Jyada ho gaya yaar..
Awesome paintings and sketches.
Really loved them.

I agree with supriya!!



Chanz said...

@ Nipun : OMG..OMG..OMG..

M honoured.. but seriously, m nowhere near these artists.. Hehehe..


Hari Nandakumar said...

YOU are amazing...nice pics.....Hats offf.

Chanz said...

Thank you Hari..

welcome to my blog.. :)

Sorcerer said...

Hey Chanz..this post really really really surprised me..
Awesome... They are so so fantastic..

keep them coming..

Chanz said...

@ Sorcy : Arre, why does ut surprise you.. Kuch to talent hoga mujhme.. :P

But thanks a lot yaa... these comments really encourage me..

Chanz said...

@ Sorcy : Arre, why does ut surprise you.. Kuch to talent hoga mujhme.. :P

But thanks a lot yaa... these comments really encourage me..