Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The wind was calm
but the breeze was cool.
I felt cold
but I was warm inside
For, today had been just my day.
A gush of wind went by
and it made my untidy hair
fall loosely on my face.
It was then I heard 
some footsteps behind me.
Clutching my shawl,
I wrapped it around
to keep my shoulders warm. 
I looked back.
All I could hear was the wind blowing.
This time it pushed my hair
back from my face
making my vision clear.
Nope, I could see no one. 
Forgetting everything,
I moved on. 
But the sound of the footsteps
followed my everywhere.
Scared, I rushed home.
And buried myself under the pillow.
That night I had a dream.
I heard those footsteps again.
I heard a voice too.
Warm, gentle and full of love 
It made me feel like a child.
I felt somebody's hand
resting on my forehead
And the voice said to me, 
"I was the one who was following you.
And I always will
Because I am the God
And you are my child."
Today, was indeed my day.


vandy said...


nice thoughts

Chanz said...

@ Vandy : Thanks.. :)

Mehak said...


Nipun said...

Let me check the link again..

My God chanz!!
That was awesome..
Great work...
Hearing voices..:)



p.s. A fan added.

Punia said...

Romanticcccc wali badi feelin aa rahi ha terko aaj kal.............

Sakshi said...


Chanz said...

@ Mehak : thanks a lot honey.. :)

Chanz said...

@ Nipun : heeeeeeeeeee... m not hearing any... this is purely fiction..

Chanz said...

@ Punia : LOL..

Chanz said...

@ Sakshi : *bows down head in prayer*

supriya said...

soft and sweet..! good read..!

Sorcerer said...

lovely one.Chanz..Lovely one!

sepo said...

nice one dear
was goin through the flow of your words, to some other world :)

Anonymous said...

YOU wrote this?
I mean seriously?
you WROTE this ??

Pavitra .... said...

Beautiful poem...Loved your blog!

Shas said...

Beautiful....such words r so comforting.