Saturday, February 27, 2010

Holi hai..

Before you read this, let me boast and tell you that this post is entirely the result of my creativity and not the an after effect of copy/paste syndrome. I dont know if it has come out quite well or not but it definitely made me proud coz this is the first time I have written something like this.. :)

Now Read on....

With winters blowing it goodbye kiss
And trees smiling in the warm sun
Waiting for the their leaves to tender
And flowers to bloom
The spring has finally arrived
With this festival of Holi.


We bid goodbye to Holika
And dancing around the burnt wood
We watch the evil spirits die
And hence, once again
Happiness prevails over the entire nation
With this festival of Holi

A day full of fun and frolic
Remembering Radha and Kishan
And their Ras-Leela
We too fill the air with love
And rejoice
With this festival of Holi

With Gujia and Bhaang
Tickling out taste buds
We dance to the tunes of
"Rang Barse Bheege Chunar Wali"
forgetting all enimosity
With this festival of Holi

Red, Yellow, Green and Blue
These vibrant colours
Yet again find their way through our lives
As they come dashing towards us
From left, right and centre
With this festival of Holi

Wish you all a very Happy Holi

Who's the wackiest of 'em all

Yesterday, I had posted a totally illogical video of an advert. But later, I sat down and wondered what made the client JK Cement approve of the ad. There has to be something that this ad was telecasted.

Well, maybe there is something in the ad that makes it too umm.. weird to understand.

Guys, think about the funniest of ideas as to what the creative guys behind this ad had wanted to convey.

Has it got something to do with the woman, or the swim suit, or maybe even her hot hot figure.

What could possibly be the connection between the ad and the cement.

Rack your brains and come up with the wackiest of ideas.

Let us see who is the wackiest of 'em all...!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

What a weird ad..

Have you seen the new ad of JK cement.

I do not really understand the relation between the woman in the ad and ofcourse the cement.

Check out this ad below and do let me know if you understand the relevance of the woman.

Sometimes, I cannot really understand who is the creative guy behind these ads..

PS : And if you have got those wacky ideas as to what could be the reason for coming up with such an ad, Click here..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

City Beautiful

A few days back, I had gone to Chandigarh. Though the trip was merely a trip 'coz I went for work. Well actually my friend @ease was going and I had accompanied him. I know I can be a chipkoo at times. But But But. I had an awesome time there. I mean seriously. Though it wasnt the first time I had gone to Chandigarh but yes, there is hardly anything I remembered of it coz I went there as a kid. But trust me, I am in love with that city. I mean it is so bloddy planned that I got a complex for being so opposite. Seriously.

According to a friend, Chandigarh is planned according to Mohenjodaro of ancient India. Though I have very little knowledge on this but whatever I had read in my history books in school, Mohenjodaro was one of the most planned cities of all times. The layout of the streets, the patterns, houses made of sun dried bricks, the drainage system. Everything. And so is the case with Chandigarh. I was surprised to see that all the buildings had the same patterns, the same colour, the same height. And it all looked so beautiful.

Anyway, we had gone to sector 17 (which is more than CP of Delhi) and I saw this.

Reva. A police car..!! Ofcourse, Chandigarh going Hi-tech..

I was zapped. I mean, Reva. For God's sake it was Reva. Where do you see Reva being used by Police. (Ofcourse I made a fool out of myself clicking photographs in front of the police standing right there). Hell no. The only car that comes in my mind when I think of a poilce car is Gypsy. But It was Reva. Where (and how) in the world do they charge the car.

Nevertheless, I loved that city. And the courteous inhabitants won my heart.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shalini, the girl of his dreams

He softly murmured to himself, "She is still beautiful" and quickly bit his tongue for he didnt want her to know that he was there. He stood there watching her run around the room, barefoot. She lifted her saree a little bit as she sat on the corner of the bed, His gaze fell upon her ankle and he was suddenly dissapointed. No, it wasnt there. She had promised him that she would never take that anklet out. He had stolen money from his mother's purse and had bought a thin silver anklet for her. And she had loved it. But it was no longer there. Now he was feeling guilty. He shouldn't have come. Maybe she doesn't love him anymore. Maybe she has even forgotten him. Maybe he would frighten her if he came out. So he decided to remain in hiding. But he knew that the thin curtain wouldn't be able to keep him hidden for long. He had to find some other place to hide without grabbing her attention. He glanced at her from behind the curtain. Though he couldn't clearly see what she was doing but he could see her curvy back resting on the bed. She had grown into a fine woman, he realised. How much he wanted to hold her. How much he wanted to take her in his arms. How much he wanted to kiss her pink lips. The taste of the lipstick she wore 13 years back still lingered in his mouth. He had to control his impulse. Or else his life would be ruined.


"Shalu, will you marry me?", Anand asked. He looked very serious. He did not have money to buy a ring for her, so he thought he would just ask her. He had fallen head over heals in love with her. She was HIS Shalini. Only his. He noticed the silence which had suddenly come in between.

He asked her again, "Tell me..."

She smiled. "Ofcourse I will marry you." And she giggled.

He was happy. He hugged her tight. And he kissed her hard. He knew that he was still 15 years old and she was 14. But he had fallen in love with her the day her family moved into that big house near the river. Her father was rich. And she always wore good clothes. Even her lipstick tasted so sweet. He could never match her standards. He knew that. But he couldn't control his love for her.

"Take out your sandals and put your feet here", he pointed to the small rock in front of her.

She obediently did that. And he took out the silver anklet and slid it over the soft skin on her ankles. He saw the glea in her eyes. He knew that she had loved it.

"I will always wear it. No matter where you are, this gift will always remind me of you", she said with tears in her eyes.

And he hugged her. For five minutes both of them fell silent. And then she asked, "Where did you get the money from?"

"Maa gave it to me"


He had lied then. But only because he had loved her, That was the first gift he had bought for her. And then the gifts continued. And the money never came through him. He looked at her. She was no longer on the bed. He had been lost in his thoughts for too long. The teak wood dressing table next to the bed had a huge oval mirror above it and she stood there watching herself.

He wanted to dash towards her. He really felt the urge. But what would he say. How could he prove his love when he was guilty of the crime he committed 13 years ago. Her father had handed him over to the police. He had been caught stealing that gold necklace which belonged to her grandmother. He wanted to sell it and buy gifts for his Shalini. But he was caught. And today, after spending 13 years in the jail, he was finally a free man. He came straight to her house. He wanted to see her. 13 years he had spent away from her. And today she was standing right in front of his eyes.

"Mansi", a female voice called out. Standing at the door of the room was a women with a big red mark on her forehead and a baby in her arms. "Mansi, I am back". And she rushed towards the dressing table.

He was confused. Mansi turned away from the mirror and opened her arms to greet the woman.

She looked at the baby in that woman's arms and exclaimed, "Look at him. Sound asleep in his mothers arms." She smiled and looked at the woman with the baby, "I am so glad that you came, Shalini"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello world

Dont take the tittle too seriously. I am not writing any computer programs here and this is not my first test run. Nor am I a software person with a keen interest in programming. Not my cup of tea. Definitely not (No offense to the people in this field). But its just that there is something in the air that urges to me say hello to the world out there which stands beyond our imagination and comprehension.

Today when I stepped out of my bed, I had this feeling which I have fallen in love with. A feeling that made me smile. I wanted to enjoy that moment and all the moments to come. I wanted to laugh uncontrollably just like a 2 year old child laughs when his mother tickles him everywhere. I wanted to go out in the morning sun, take a deep breath and feel the fresh air filling my nostrils. I wanted to listen to birds chirping perched high on the trees. I wanted to see a dog licking away his master. I wanted to see an old man walking with a slouched back and a walking stick but with the feeling of happiness still showing on his face. I wanted to see a romantic couple sitting on the garden bench teasing each other. I wanted to see the school kids giggling away to glory. I wanted the time to stop. I wanted to see everybody happy and content in their lives. I wanted to lose myself to this world.

But the moment had to end since I had to get ready for the office. Not once did I go out of my house to see these small joys sorrounding me. I had to go to the office and spend the entire day sitting in front of the computer making some reports and understanding them. An entire day would be spend in my cabin with my two friend, Google and Microsoft . And later in the evening I will be too tired to go out and enjoy. The days would go by and I would be busy in my life wondering what to do next and how to do. And I will continue to live (or lets say survive) this life. So, let us not forget that there still exists a world beyond the intricacies of our lives. A world which has always been there but maybe we are too busy or too blind to see it now. And so I wish to say hello to that world.

Monday, February 15, 2010

My first love letter, made public...

Read on...

Hi Darling,

This is the first love letter I am writing for a girl. As far as I know, this will be the first one you have ever got. Hopefully..!! I dont know what to say. There is so much to write but I dont know where to start. Its just that I love being with you. You are the one who keeps me going. You know what, Whenever I look at you I wonder if you are the most beautiful girl in my life. I think and think. And I find myself lost in you. I don't know how many times I have complemented you for your beauty but whenever I have I didnt mean it. I just did it because I wanted to make you happy. I wanted you to smile. I wanted you to feel special. All those times when you looked at yourself in the mirror and questioned me how you looked, I just smiled. Not because I didnt have an answer. Not because you didnt look good. But because you always look beautiful. And this time I am not just saying it to please you. I mean it. Really, I do. There were times when you looked sad. I tried to cheer you up. But you were too lost in your own thoughts. And I was ignored. But I didnt mind it. I loved it when you ignored me. Coz I knew that we will be all alone that night. I knew that you would tightly hug me and sleep. I knew that when you wake up fresh the next morning, you will be just mine. And you would think just about me. No. I wasnt being selfiish. Its just that I love you so much that the mere thought of you going away makes me love you all the more. I dont like it when you go out of my sight. Sometimes, you hurriedly go the office. You don't even look at me once. I really miss you on those days. I feel miserable. But yes, the thought that I would get to see you in the evening ignites that spark in me. I feel happy once again. Honey, I am a human being. I have emotions. And sentiments too. I too feel hungry for love. And when I get love in return, I feel delighted. Thats how I feel when our eyes meet. You eyes say a lot more than what my words mean here. Yeah, darling. I saw it all in your eyes. I saw it when you fell down in the market that day. I saw it when I bought your favourite book for you. I saw it when you bumped your car into that bus. I saw it when I gifted you that Tshirt. I saw it when you were all dressed in that saree ready to go to the wedding. I saw it in your eyes when you smiled at me in that photograph. I saw it when we cooked maggi. I saw it when we cuddled together in the cold winter nights. I saw it when we were sweating it out in the sun. I saw it when you jumped in the puddles. Yes, I saw it all. I saw all that you expect from me. I saw how much you want me. Honey, I promise I wont let you down. I will fulfill all your expectations. I promise you. I will do everything you ask me to. I don't demand anything from you. No, I dont. And I will never do that. But yes there is one thing that I want from you. Smile. Smile when you are sad. Smile when you are angry. Smile when you are hurt. Smile when you are depressed. Smile when life is playing games with you. Smile when you are tensed. Smile when you are tired. Smile even when you dont see anybody with you. Coz I will be right there to put that smile back on your face. There is something in you that attracts me towards you. Girl, you are addictive. You are mine. Just mine. And I promise to be with you. Always.

With loads of Love,
And hugs and kisses too

PS : I forgot to say that I love you..

This is the letter which I got. This valentines day. And guess who wrote this letter.

I did. 'Coz there is nothing better than loving your own self.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Chinese Tag and the Honest scrap

Okay, the Chinese tag (which sounds more like something to do with luck) will be taken up first. Not just because it sounds lucky and I will get truck loads of luck but because it has been pending since forever. I am sorry Nipun (He gave me this tag sometime in January and it has been kept on hold since then). But finally I am taking it up..

8 TV shows/News Channels I like to watch

Frankly, I am not one of those who would sit in front of the TV to watch some stupid people speak. I think I'll skip this question since I cannot think of even one TV show that excites me.
On second thoughts (and the only two that I can think of), I like:
1. Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai
2. Khichdi
Both of them are pure and simple comedy programs. The only reason why I like them.

8 Places to eat and dine
Now this one is more of my type.
1. Rodeo. It has become my current obsession. Do check it out if you land up in CP. 
2. Cafe Coffee Day
3. KFC
4. Buffet at Marriot.
5. Ek boti do Roti (Just as the name, the place too looks cheapy. But when you are low on cash then...)
6. Q'BA
7. Mc. Donalds
8. Parikrama. The Revolving restaurant. People say that it looks better at night but I like it in the day.

8Things I Look Forward To
Umm.. The kind of laid back attitude that I am enjoying these days, there are very few things that I really look forward to.
1. Not going to the office. I look forward to finding reasons for not going.
2. Reading 2-3 books which have been in the queue but i still havent got the chance to read them.
3. Blogging. Yes. You guessed it right. Be it writing or reading other's blogs, I enjoy it a lot.
4. Eating and Drinking. Somebody has rightly said, that we should live to eat and not eat to live. Or was it the other way round. (*Rolling my eyes*) Who cares.
5. Meet my best friends. Three best friends who mean the world to me. Wish I could meet them every day. (*Lost in the memories*)
6. Play with my bhai and bhabhi's kids. They are super naughty and I love them so much. Just realised how much I love kids. (*Peek-a-boo*) 
7. Sleep. Yeah, I really want to hot the bed.
8. (Shit, I am out of points)... But If I think and think and think then maybe I would go and paint. Or maybe dance till my feet hurt.

8 Things That Happened Yesterday
1. Woke up at around 7:30.
2. Got ready for the office.
3. Drove to a friend's place and picked him up.
4. Talked shit as usual (You morons, I didnt bunk office. Don't think in that direction).
5. Reached office and worked a little bit.
6. Read few blogs.
7. Left from office, went to a restaurant in the evening with a friend
8. Drove back home and slept.
I know, it was just the usual. What did you expect.

8 Things I love about Winter
1. I love my colourful mufflers. I get to use them.
2. Coffee. Coffee. And Coffee.
3. I can take a break from work and pretend that I am trying to warm my hands. (Caught ya.. I know you do that too)
4. My mood swings are a little more under control.
5. Migraine doesnt effect me too much.
6. The mornings are wonderful. In the bed.
7. I dont have to worry about the tan that I get while driving. (Especially)
8. The monthly visits to the parlour are reduced. No body can see my hands and legs under those layers of clothing. And hence, no pain. Also, I save money. Double faida.

8 Things on my Wish-list
1. Become a billionaire
2. Marry a billionaire. (I really want to know how does it feel to become the proud owner of somebody else's billion rupees).
3. Become super famous.
4. Lose weight. No, I dont want to work hard. Lets look for a fairy godmother who will wave her magic wand and whoa, I will become a dazzling princess.
5. Paint. Paint my world. Paint my life. Paint everything around me with the colours of my choice.
6. Fall in love. (I am not inviting a heartbreak)
7. Write so much that it makes me famous.
8. Take interest in music and photography. Two ares in which I am pathetic. But they excite me.

8 Things I am Passionate about
1. Reading.
2. Writing.
3. Swimming.
4. Painting.
5. Basketball.
6. Badminton.
7. Lawn tennis.
8. Going out with my friends. I should have written this one at the top..

8 Words/Phrases I often use
1. baas yaar. Generally.
2. Hmmmm....
3. I know.
4. Arre yaar.
5. .... and all that
6. Bata na
7. Haan ok.
8. Shit yaar.

8 Things I learnt from the past
1. I am the most important person.
2. We need to be a little selfish.
3. Dont take things for granted.
4. Expect less.
5. Time is the greatest healer.
6. Dont speak when you are in a bad mood.
7. Patience is the key to all problems.
8. Dont trust anybody and everybody.

8 Places I would like to go /Visit
I will just list the places that I want to see in India.
1. Mumbai.
2. Dehradun.
3. Kerela.
4. Eastern States
5. Complete tour of Rajasthan and Gujrat.
6. Wanna spend atleast 15 days in the mountains.
7. Ooty
8. Manali

8 Things I currently need/want.....
1. A pair of Jeans
2. A nice job.
3. A party tonight.
4. And another one tomorrow.
5. My friends.. Right Now.
6. Money to spend like crazy
7. A new laptop.
8. A fast internet connection.

8 Blogging Buddies I want to Tag
1. Ramit - Desi Ghee and Coffee!
2. Shivani - I need to run   
3. Buckingfastard - Tears n' Rain
4. @ease - random thoughts
5. Renu - anoobhooti
6. Chitz - My space
7. sepo - Rendezvous
8. Sid - Sid-o-scope

And now comes Ramit’s Honest Scrap. I am supposed to list 10 things (err..honest things) about myself.

1) I like to live life on my own terms. I don’t like when people keep telling me what to do and more so how to do. That really freaks me out. You can just give me your advice. Following it (or not following it) is entirely my decision.

2) When I care about certain people, then I REALLY DO CARE.. Don’t ask me to stop caring. I can be such a fool at times, I know that. But that’s how I am. So, if you are among those whom I care about then you are lucky.

3) I hate lies. This is ‘only’ for those whom I care about. Even if you have done something wrong then I expect you to tell me the truth. THE TRUTH. No matter how much it will hurt me. No matter how much it will go against my wishes. I just want to know the truth. I promise people that I will forgive you if you tell me the truth. But if you don’t, then I feel betrayed and I cannot see any future in those friendships and relationships.

4) I am scared of getting married. I am scared of falling in love. I am scared of commitments. Not that I will not get married or fall in love or never commit anything with anybody. But it just scares me. The thought itself sends shivers down my spine. Live and let live. That’s my philosophy.

5) I want to get married to a guy whom I dont know and who doesnt know me. Arranged marriage is what I am looking for. Let my parents decide who is best for me. But yes, there is one thing that I will defnitely see in my man. One single thing that will attract me towards him. One unique thing which I will test. Though, I have joked about it a lot of times with my friends but none of them know what is it that I wish to see in my guy. The only thing I can say here is that this particular quality is totally in sync with how I want my kids to be when they grow up.
[ I hope this answers my apprehensiveness towards marriage. If at all I dont get this single quality in my future husband then my dreams would be shattered.]

6) I can be quite slow at times. I dont know if its a problem but my mind takes time to understand things. Sometimes, I need to take one thing at a time to understand the entire situation.

7) However, there is one thing that I am quite proud of. When I enter this slow mode then I feel the happiness surrounding me from all sides. I feel content. As if this is the only thing that I want from life. I forget whats going in the background. I forget where I am. I forget what I am doing. I forget whom I am with. The only thing I can see is a serene place with absolute silence. I seriously see it. Seriously.

8) I love being lazy.

9) I really do believe in past lives and future lives.

10) I have a keen observation. I tend to notice things which nobody notices. Sometimes, even I am surprised that I noticed what others didnt even see. And whenever something of this sort happens, there is a sense of familiarity I see in everything around me.

And now those whom I want to tag:
1) Anju - awakening
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10) Saurabh - Stuff I learnt today

Congratulations to all those tagged....

PS : I have tried my best not to tag those who have already done the above tags.

This is just a way to know people better.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Did the bastard touch your boobs and ass..??

She saw it all. She saw her and she saw him. That fearful expression on that girl's face made her heart leap out. But her own helplessness made her uncomfortable. What could she possibly do. She saw it again. This time he crossed his limits. She wanted to slap him. She wanted to shout. She wanted to save the poor girl who was fighting back her tears. He forced himself deeper into her. She saw her move uncomfortably. But he wouldnt stop. He moved more closer to her. This time she decided to help her. She got up from her seat and moved towards him. Gathering all her might, she slapped him.

Yes, she really did slap him. Not because she was the victim but because she couldnt see him torture her. Rape, molestation, groping, assault. Whatever it was, it was not meant to happen. To any girl. And so, she slapped him.

But what is the mistake of these women. That they wear skirts, cut sleevs, stockings, low neck, noodle strap, trousers.
If you believe a person's dress is culturally inappropriate, you may continue to believe so, but you cannot defend any act of violence. A person inappropriately dressed according to your idea of 'Indianness' does not deserve to be attacked, assaulted, molested, raped or even whistled at. For your information, women from across age groups be it 3 month old babies of 90 year old have been raped. They have been raped in saris, burkhas, salwar kameez, school uniforms, bikinis, jeans, skirts, shirts,lungis. Women have been molested, assaulted, raped at all times of the day, and in public places.
- Blank Noise

Blank Noise came up with this project that seeks to confront street harassment. And they are meeting in Delhi on 27th February.

Women, come and become the action heroes.
Men, come and become the BN guys.

Let us tell all those men who have touched us here and there, that we do not like it. Let us tell them that we can unite and fight them. Let us tell them that we will not keep our mouths shut. Let us tell them that we are women.

Come and wear what you were always scared to wear.

Think about the places you had to face embarassement. School, college, office, bus, auto, metro or even or the street.

Think about all those men who gave dirty looks to you.
Think about all those men who stared at your boobs.
Think about all those men who touched your boobs.
Think about all those men who passed comments on you.
Think about all those men who rubbed you at all those places.
Think about all those men who wistled at you or blew kisses.

Think about all those men who made you feel uncomfortable and who did not give you the courage to dress up as you wish.  

"Ladki ek khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai", I remember this famous dialogue from the movie Jab We Met. Girls, Lets prove them wrong.

So keep yourself free on 27th February.

And let us tell those assholes that we have the guts to face them. And we will.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Past Life Regression

Today in the morning, I had a debate with a friend on past life regression. I am reading the book "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian Weiss these days. Dr. Weiss, a traditional psychotherapist, had a patient called Catherine who has memories of certain traumas that happened to her in her past life and he uses hypnotic treatment for past life regression. The patient recalled certain instances from the past thereby finding a remedy for her past life traumas like fear of water and fear of enclosed places. This is what the book is all about. Past life regression and reincarnation. That they really exist.

Coming back to the debate, my friend believes that nothing of this sort exists. On the contrary I really feel that there is truth attached to these terms. Our opposite beliefs are just a matter of difference in perception. There is no evidence to prove either side of this argument. Researches have been carried out. Some conclusions have been made and support that there is reincarnation. Whereas others go against it.

Dr. Brian Weiss is an American. However this theory of past life regression dates back to the ancient India where life after death was mentioned in the Upanishads. There is no evidence to substantiate past life memories. Nor are there evidences to support that this theory is purely imaginery.

As I said, it is just a matter of perception. I am not giving any critics to this theory but I am just stating my belief that this exists.

I read this book for the time when I was in school. About 7 years back. I remember, I was reading this book while my English class was going on and I was caught reading a book out of course. My teacher called me to scold but instead was surprised to see this book in my hand. She asked me, "How can you read such heavy books at such a young age?". I had no answer to that question. I had kept quiet. But frankly speaking, I believe every word that is written in this book.

Today, my friend pointed out that my teacher wasn't wrong. Thats the age when we as kids learn and percieve whatever we read and see around us. Thats the time when we start thinking and decide whats good and whats bad. And so was the case with me. I agree with him. Since, I read this book at a very early age and I believed it to be true, that has become my perception. And since my friend was exposed to concepts that go against my concepts, that became his perception. I have no clue whether this theory exists or it does not. There was Archimedes who rushed out of his bath shouting eureka for he realised that the concept of displacement exists. Newton discovered gravity with an apple falling on his head. Einstein coined the theory of relativity. Didnt these people face criticism from the entire world. These people were called mad. There were theories which took many hundred years to be proved true. But till then they carried the title of idiots.

There are a lot of concepts which still havent been proved (or even disproved).

Let me know what you think.

Do you believe in reincarnation and recalling the past life.

Do you think that hypnosis can heal the symptoms that you see in your present life but originated sometime in your past life.

I think that these are true. What about you?