Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Off to Baroda

Remember, I had told you guys about the weddings lined up. Well yes, there is a wedding in baroda and I am leaving tomorrow. I will be back by Saturday. It is a short trip though. Hopefully it will be good. I so badly needed a change and here it is.

You guys already know that life hasn't been at its best since the past 1 month or so. Something keeps creeping in and leaves me sad and upset. There is a lot to say but I am unale to speak up. The only person who gets to hear it all is me. So, when I drive (the only time when I am alone) I am always crying 'coz I hear Chanz speak her heart out.

But I hope that this Baroda trip would cheer me up and I would be back with an ever smiling face.

Apart from the wedding, I have to meet a friend of mine as well. Actually he is my best friend's boyfriend. He works there and we haven't met since quite some time now. The plan is that he would come and meet me at the hotel I would be staying at. The bad thing is that I can't remember the hotel name. God, I dont know where will I ask him to come. (Please don't ask me to call people in Baroda and ask 'coz I think you guys are forgetting that the people there will be super busy for it is "shaadi ka ghar")

Maybe I will call up tomorrow before leaving.

And guess what. I have already spent my two months salary on clothes, bags and hair clips, I am still short of two sandals and 2 clutch bags. There are 5 functions to attend. Gosh, dont know what wil I do there without those two sandals. (Guys, i mean 'men', please don't say things like "Chanz you are talking like a girl. For heaven's sake, I am a girl. A woman. A fine lady). Sshhh, don't laugh.

And trust me I am super excited about going to Baroda. Its been 12-13 years when I last went there. My brother got married in Baroda. I still remember certain parts of that trip, but yes I was a kid then.

And yeah, I wont be able to read any of your posts. I don't think I'll get an internet connection. I wont have the time either. Busy girl, thats what I will be.

See ya people..



Anonymous said...

Enjoy :)

Do click pictures and share with us man..

Besides finding a matching sandal, find a suitable match for yourself. Good luck for that too..!!

Chanz said...

Thanks sweety.. Though m not quite sure about finding a match for myself. M still a kid. Heeee...

punia said...

click pics of beautiful faces dere n post dem on ur account after cumin back....

Chanz said...

Hhehe... sure punia... ofcourse i will.. :)

chitz said...

khoob masti karo..njoy the shaadi

Rashmi said...

Hey girl!

Have truck loads of fun and please stay cheerful, worrying is only a sheer waste of time and health nothing ever comes out of it.

God bless and much love

Sorcerer said...

enjoy Madi!!(Version Bangalore! I wont say Bangaluru!!)

happy cruising!!!