Thursday, November 5, 2009

There I go...

That tiny smile on your face,
is making it difficult for me to leave
I wish I could hug you
one last time.
I wish I could hold you tight
and never let go
But I hate to wake you up
Coz' I don't wanna see you cry
And that would make me weak.

Honey, I am leaving now.
By the time you wake up,
I would be out of this town
In a far flung area
Out of your reach.
But you will always be on my mind
And in my heart.

I will be gone for sometime,
Forgive me for hiding this from you
I wouldn't have been able to see your tears
And so I am leaving
Without telling you.
I hope that you would wait for me
Until I return with a wedding ring.

If only I could say sorry,
for the times I betrayed you
for the times I didn't love you
But don't worry my baby
I will return
and take you with me
and we would be together again.

This post has been inspired by John Denver's 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'. Today, while taking a morning walk, I was listening to this song. And instantly I knew that I would write something similar to this. I ain't good like him but yeah, it did inspire me to write.



@ease said...

great going gal..!!
Ur magic is working in poetries as well..
Keep writing good stuffs.
and do write some positive stuffs...too.
Explore your skills in writing some goody-goody stuffs (not like suraj badjatya 's movie thou)... And not jus betrayal..!!

Chandni.. said...

@ease: this was positive. Not just betrayal. The protagonist will return even after betraying. It will have a happy ending (provided the girl waits for him)

Renu said...

Lovely poem ! and could be interpreted in many unwedded mother leaving her child to take back legitimately after wedding...I took it that way and felt happy:)

Rashmi said...

You really did a fab job girl! keep it up...

Chandni.. said...

thanks Renu. it just depends on the perception. Could be anything. Even the gender can b reversed.

@ Rashmi: Thanks deary. :)

Anonymous said...

there r lot many things to mention.... but the best part is.."YOU AND MORNING WALK..." :P

keep up da gud work...

Ramit said...

My question exactly! How do people find time to go for morning walks? I'm amazed.

Nice poem.

Chandni.. said...

hahaha... wen a girl is fat and she has attained a marriageable age then her parents compell her to atleast walk in the mornings.. Trust me I hate it... :(

n yaa... glad that you guys liked my post... :)

Chandni.. said...
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chitz said...

i found it similar to john denver's,especially the "wedding ring" part..then only i saw your foot note...
good attempt..:)

Chandni.. said...

oh yeah.. absolutely... i thot of skipping that wedding ring part but I felt that it made the post complete. cheers to the song that it stirred the emotions in me..