Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now the moment has come..

Here is my first award.

Thanks chitz for tagging me to your blog.

I never knew that I could write. I used to hate it when I had to write essays, articles, notices, etc in school. And one fine, I just started writing without knowing how it would come out. And the outcome is in front of you guys. :) 

Following the tradition (the rules actually), 7 things which nobody knows about me are:

1) I am trying to develop my intuitive powers (only because I want to do what my fate has in store for me)
2) I hate to ask for money specially when I have lent it to somebody. And I feel embarressed when I talk about it.
3) I always wanted to be a guy.
4) I am super duper scared of ghost serials and horror movies. Even if it is a comedy. 'Coz I imagine it to be happening to me in real life.
5) I talk to myself when I am all alone. (Now that is a surprise to all of you. Isn't it..??)
6) As a kid, I always thought that a fairy godmother would come at night and would open a secret in front of my eyes. (Well, I have never told this to anybody and now its coming. I always assumed that I have this thick skin covering over my body from head to toe which made me look fat. And the fairy godmother would come and take it out and I would emerge as a beautiful princess. (Shocked..!!)
7) Lastly, I want to become an artist. I know I am good at painting. Its just that I want to take a formal training and whooosshhh, become a famous artist.

And now please put your hands together. I am going to announce the blogger award winners.
The award goes to:
1) Rashmi : I love the way she writes. Simply adore it. Her writing has emotions.
2) Ankit : I have been following his blog even before I started blogging. Though he is not regular anymore but his blog was one of the first which I read.
3) BF : There is a very peculiar character in his writing. He says more than what he 'needs' to say. I wouldn't. But he does.
4) Nancy : Love her blog. Her blog was listed under the blogs of note.
5) @ease : Though he is not really a blogger but he is the one who discovered my writing skills. Thanks to him that I started blogging. Continual doses of inspiration come from him. Thanks buddy.
6) RSV : Another blog which deserves to be appreciated.
7) My special readers (those who dont blog that much) : Punia, Dutta and Ramit. It wouldn't have been possible without your support.

Now, here is an award for my fellow blogger chitz.

Here you go girl. Flaunt your blog with this.

And finally, the rules for you guys out there:
1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody know.
2) Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.

Thanks to one and all..



@ease said...

thanx for appreciating..!!

I appreciate when u appreciate.

Punia said...

Dis award is dedicated 2 my frnds and family........

Chandni.. said...

thanks guys.. :)

Rashmi said...

Hey sweets, thanks for appreciating my writing, honestly i don't think i am that good but nevertheless i am immensely touched by this jesture of your's you made my day honey...
Keep writing and keep smiling always
Love lots n hug :)

chitz said...

thankx dearie..:)

f8hasit said...

Thanks Chandi for your shout-out! I appreciate your thinking of ME when handing out your award!

And, By the way, YOU are most derserved of the award. You continue to hone your writing skills!

Ramit said...


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you..
I am honored..

buckingfastard said...

yayyyyy!!!! i got an award...i got an award....(**running around in my room) considerin me as a kreativ blogger with a 'k'...i will do da tag as soon as i can manage!! :D

Chandni.. said...

@ BF: hehehe... control dear... U deserve it and so you have it..

@ RSV: same goes for you... you too deserve it. Its only you are not bursting like BF.. :P

Chandni.. said...

@ BF: hehehe... control dear... U deserve it and so you have it..

@ RSV: same goes for you... you too deserve it. Its only you are not bursting like BF.. :P

Golden Vulture said...

heyy thankzz yaar ..

i almost forgot i had a blog .. its been tough time coming here ..out of home . i hope i will be writing back on the blog soon .. after the blank phase .. hoping for some of my inspiration to return to me again :)

Good day :)

Chandni.. said...

hehehe.... I too hope that you get that inspiration back and come back to blogosphere... :)

satya said...

keep ur gud work on wid same pace .........