Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diwali hangover..

Even though the festive season is over, the spirit is still alive. The spirit of sitting at home, eating mithai, meeting and greeting people around you, recieving innumerable compliments (about the new kurta pyjama or the lehenga that you wore, or rangoli, or diyas, and even your fully decorated house). All this minus the office. Yeah, the spirit is still alive. Who wants to sit and stare at the computer screen with fingers on the keyboard and sleep in the eyes. Undergoing the same set of emotions and laid back attitude, it was then I decided to write here. :)

Needless to say, every year Diwali is greeted with people out on the road, shopping or delivering gifts to their nears and dears. However this year I felt that the economic slowdown has indeed affected the lives of people intensely. It wasn't the same this year. I could feel the difference. No traffic jams, no rushing and pushing at the sweet shops, no competition of 'who has the best lighting arrangements', not many crackers bursting on Choti Diwali, no rangoli to adorn the marble floors. But I have to admit that this is how I enjoyed the monopoly. Especially the rangoli part. Unaware I was that a lot of my neighbours dropped in just to see my rangoli. The word had spread like wild fire but I was ignorant. I didn't know that people living in my society loved the rangoli that I made. It was only when the whole society gathered to burst crackers that I came to know about my popularity. "Aapke ghar ki rangoli dekhne se hi pata chal jata hai ki Chandni aayi hui hai", said one of the neighbours (When we see the rangoli at your house, we know that Chandni is back at home). And this bought a big grin on my face.

Not that I am bursting with pride, but it did make me proud as a peacock. I will try and be as modest as possible here. It is just that I love making rangoli. I love doing stuff like this. Painting, Writing, blah blah blah. The keyword is creativity. And this is what leaves me satisfied. Because I love to do this, it comes out better than I expect it to be. Thats the truth. Ok. I think its time that I cut it out before you guys think that I am getting airs about myself.

But I am uploading the pics of my rangoli for you guys to see
(Please read the word 'see' as 'compliment')
And do not check my photography skills. I am just too bad at it.

This was the rangoli right outside the main door

I made Ganeshji for the first time ever and was quite afraid that it may not come out good. But I wasn't afraid after it was done. And I am glad that I made it. This is made in the centre of the 4th floor that we live on.  

And I made this inside the house, near the place where we were to do the pooja. Not very impressive but tried to make it colourful.

I am sure now you understand why Diwali was so taxing for me. I painted the Diyas too. I wish I had taken a nice picture of the painted diyas. My brother took a few pics when I was painting them but they were a disaster so I am not uploading them here.

Hope that you guys like these just like my neighbours. Neighbours can be biased but I know you guys won't be.

I did not have the time to access internet since the last few days so I couldn't wish my readers a happy diwali. So here I am a wishing a late Happy Diwali to you  

And for those who played cards on Diwali, I am giving them a thumbs up. And those who won just like I did, are getting a  bigger thumbs up 'coz its lucky to win on Diwali   :)


@ease said...

hmmm.. is this some Post-Diwali Stress Buster blog..??
neatly done..

Ramit said...

The rangoli's look awesome. They're really good. You are very creative!

Amit said...

The rangoli looks great. I envy your neighbors!

Ankit said...

This blog would not have been possible if Anjali mam and gargi mam would have been in office.. hee..hee.. jokes apart.. gud one.. a first hand account of diwali celebrations.. ur sincere efforts r reflected in ur rangoli.. belated happy diwali..

Gaurav Saxena said...

1. How do you know a peacock is proud?
2. Painting ki spelling galat hai.
3. Rangoli wakai main amazing hai - specially Ganesh ji ki :) Awesome :)

Chandni.. said...

proud as a peacock is actually an expression used in english. A peacock is always proud of its wings... Thats the reason why it became an idiom.

And thanks sir, for pointing out the mistake.. :)

and ofcourse I may not be good at C++ buy I m definitely good at other things.. :P

Chandni.. said...

thanks ankit for saying that... and its not because gargi n anjali werent here. Its just that I have to reduce my visits to your department since I am not liked by a few people around... :P

Chandni.. said...

@ @ease: ofcourse this is a stress buster. Infact writing is always a stress buster for me. I enjoy writing and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.

@ Ramit: Thanks a ton... :)

shruti said...

Chandu...very nice rangoli yar...and as always your blog is always fun to read....Waiting for the sequel of ur story..

Renu said...

First time here, your rangolis are awesome, can you tell me what material you use to make them?

Chandni.. said...

Thanks shruti.... Specially for saying that ma blog is fun to read. :)

And welcome to ma blog Renu... I used simple paints to make this rangoli. Tried this for the first time and Whoaaa... it worked quite well...