Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Questions...without an answer....!!!

Human beings. A set of mammals with a complex brain and hell of emotions. A brain that understands more than it should, and emotions that are difficult to understand. Emotions are either tilted towards the brain or the heart. Utter confusion is what the result is. If only emotions were just a part of the heart, life would be a little bit easier if not more. 

At times, I fail to understand the emotions that prevail in us. Our emotions play peek a boo with our heart and brain. How often does it happen that our mind and heart walk the same line? Once a year? Once in six months? Once a month? Once a week? Or at least once a day? I do not know the answer. Infact I do now want to know the answer. I just do not want to be strangled by the complexities of life.  

When one thing goes wrong then why do all the other things have to follow suit. Why is it that when you truly need somebody beside you, that person would leave you and would not provide a shelter to the emotions that are nothing but nomads. I do not understand why isn't there a single soul around you when you really wanna talk but you'll have people swarming around you when you just don't want to open your mouth. Why is it that when there are tears in your eyes, you have 10 shoulders around you but there is one shoulder which your eyes look for and is nowhere to be found. Why does it happen that when you wish that somebody holds your hands and says, "I am always with you", you feel the burden of your own hands hanging loosely from your shoulders. Why is that when you really wanna hear someone's voice, that person does not take your call only because he does not wanna talk to you at that moment. And what that person does not understand is pleasure and the happiness he/she could have given if he could have have picked up the phone and said, "My friend, I am always there with you, no matter what. I would not leave you in your hard times and would lend a shoulder for you to cry on, provided that you do not wet my clothes........"

We are all god's children. He is the creator. He is the master. And the life which we lead is his gift to us. Keeping in mind that this life is not too long for us, I request all my friends to open their eyes and look beyond the horizon. You take one step, the horizon gets expanded by one step. You take 10 steps, you increase the scope of the horizon by 10 steps. Look beyond, before the sun sets and the horizon gets enveloped into darkness...

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