Monday, June 8, 2009

Unlock what you already have...

A few months ago, I was casually going through the books, organised very neatly, in my maasi's miny library at home. I being a very keen reader, took out 3-4 books from the entire lot, brought them home hoping to read them sometime. Little did i know that these books will be shoved into a corner and forgotten about.

One fine day, while cleaning my room, I came across the books which i had brought. One of the books caught my attention. It was titiled "Unlock your ESP potential" by Deepak Roa. I really didnt know what ESP meant. When i started reading I couldnt help but wonder whether all that I was reading was true or not. ESP or extra sensory perception can be used to excel in life. We must have all heard about intuitions, telepathy, deja-vu, premonitions and the like. Just talking about this topic gives me goosebumps. Somewhere deep inside I know its all true but I also dont want to believe this. I felt the need to talk to someone about this.
So, I brought this topic in front of my best friend. I tried explaining that i too had strong intuitions about certain things. I too had experienced deja-vu. I was getting extremeny irritated all these days because every thought that crossed my mind was analysed to such great depths that it left me frustrated. Every small event that became a part of my life was seen as if it had alread occured. And then I thought of writing to the author of the book. But I still cudnt get myself up to do that because I truly did not have anything significant to tell him. The incidents narrated in the book were far too severe and too eventful. I decided not to write to.
Then, one day I had a very bad fight with one of my friends. He didnt talk to me for 2-3 days. I was really upset and heartbroken. Then something happened that made my belief over this topic so strong that I would be hard to stir it. No, I am not going to narrate an incident explaining that I had such and such intuition or telepathy or something of that sort. I didnt but my mom did. She called me up late one night. She asked me whether i was upset or was something bothering me. I was taken aback by that abrupt question so I responded negatively to her. She further asked me if i had a fight with a friend, was i goining through a bad phase, was i unable to sleep and eat. I was too shocked to say anything so I told her the truth. A lot of people might say that all mothers have that ability to understand what her child is going through. But a very few may be able to explain why mothers are able to do so. The answer is simple.
Extra sensory perception comes when your heart and mind is directly connected to the other person. The closer you are to that person, stronger will be the ESP. Everybody in this world has some percentage of ESP potential. The sooner we get hold of this trait, the better.


Golden Vulture said...

oyeee.. first of all congraaaats for makin a blog :) ..

the post was very much related to what happens in our lives ..more often :D.. atleast with me :D .. i usually call people when they are troubled :D

keep smiling buddy .. God bless :)

harpreet said...

wow nice blog baby.... loved reading it.... i too hav had some things hapn to me dat tuk me by surprise.... loved how u wrote it.... muah... keep up da gud work...

@ease said...

finally, u are showing your true colors..
Hope to read more from you very soon.