Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is there someone

Is there someone
whom you want to talk to
about something that has been bothering you

Is there someone
who is waiting for your call
and you know your call would bring a smile on their faces

Is there someone
whom you have hurt
and a simple sorry would ease out their pain

Is there someone
who is looking upto you
for support, for love, for care

Is there someone
waiting for you
to say that you love her

Is there someone
who spends sleepless nights
crying for your love

Is there someone
who expects you to apologize
for mistakes that you made

Is there someone
who wants to clear out things with you

Yes, pick up the phone and call her
tell her that you love her
Pick up the phone and tell him
that you never meant to hurt him

Tell her that things wouldn't be the same without her
Tell her that she has made your life beautiful
Tell her that you are coming to meet her
Tell her to look into your eyes
And let them do the talking

Tell him that you missed him
Tell him that your days aren't complete without him
Tell him that you are coming to meet him
Tell him to look into your eyes
And let them do the talking

Few hours are all that we have got
Few hours before the new year begins
Speak up before its too late
Talk for once and be happy for forever
Dont take any regrets in the new year
Start afresh, start anew

Wish you all a very happy new year.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Delhi

I descended down the stairs. It was 17 degrees outside. Even though the sun was shining bright, I could feel a cold wave brush against me. That made me smile for I was back to my own city. My own delhi. I turned back and in my own way, I thanked the airplane, standing in front of me, for bringing me back from Baroda. Not that I didn't like Baroda. I loved that city. I loved the people. And yes, I loved the houses (well that is what I had been eyeing all the while.) Dont be surprised if I decide to marry a guy who has a huge beautiful house. Talking of guys, I must tell you about the chap who was on plane. Well, when I am saying that he was on plane I mean he was one amongst the cabin crew. Needless to say that the point of me mentioning him is ofcourse that he was amazingly handsome. (To my guy friends: Dont be jealous 'coz I am still yours. And to my girl friends: Don't be jealous either, especially if I tell you that he smiled at me). Lol

On a serious note, the wedding was simply amazing. I was from the bride's side. She married an Irish guy. So all the people who were from his side were foreigners. It was beautiful to see them be a part of the traditional Indian wedding. I talked to a few of them and the women looked extremely impressed at the varied colour choices they got. They were happy to wear the Indian traditional dresses like lehenga and sarees. Some of them looked really nice especially the ones who did not have a flat butt (girls with big butts and a curvy figure look much better than those whithout these). And ofcourse they were extremely fair, so that is an icing on the cake.

And yeah. I have to tell you about the wedding. The baraat just had firangs. Obviously they didn't know what to do in the baraat so they just walked silently until my brother took the initiative and started dancing. The firangs followed suit. And whoaaa.. The baraat had all white men and women dancing to the tunes of bollywood songs with their thumkas and jhatkas. Trust me, it was a site to watch them dance. You couldn't help but laugh.

Now let me leave the Irish and the Americans for a while and lets talk about the Gujratis now (though I know I will be back talking about them). Well, have you ever heard of a baraat without the dhol. That is what happens in a Gujrati wedding. They play recorded music with speakers all over the place. God, that was incredible (maybe different). While we stood inside for receiving the baraat, the firangs loved dancing to those popular (and not so popular) songs.
Basically the wedding was quite different than those in Delhi. We reached the venue at around 5:30 and by 7:15, everything was done. Absolutely everything and the reception bagan sharp at 7:30. If it had been Delhi, the guests would have kept pouring in till 10 or maybe even 11. And I have to tell you that the wedding was very simple. Even though the gujjus are awesomely rich, their weddings are much simpler than the punjabi weddings. If I have to say it in simple words, I would say that gujrati weddings do not have show sha baazi unlike the punjabi weddings. They have their own unique style of showing off their money. When you go to a place like Baroda, you must not miss the houses and their lawns. Frankly, you cannot have such houses and such beautiful lawns in Delhi. Maybe the climate and the soil there are best for growing plants. I do not have much knowledge about this so I better not comment. But I must appreciate their choice of plants. Incredible.

You know what. The king and the queen of Baroda too had come to attend the wedding. It was amazing to see them there. Not that they looked or dressed like one, but when I heard about them it made me look up to them. Ofcourse I started noticing them thereon. They looked like just another guest at the wedding. (I don't know why am I telling you this). Simple clothes, simple jewellery.  Ranjit Singh Gaekwad and Shivangi Gaekwad. The present king and queen. Their daughter has married a commoner. But their daughter in law was amazingly beautiful. She looked stunning in a very simple green saree and a diamond set. It felt nice to see them at the wedding. I was told that they came at the wedding when my brother got married 13 years ago. And I remember going to their palace. I really wanted to go this time too but we were short on time.

There is a lot to tell you guys.

I will keep posting.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Off to Baroda

Remember, I had told you guys about the weddings lined up. Well yes, there is a wedding in baroda and I am leaving tomorrow. I will be back by Saturday. It is a short trip though. Hopefully it will be good. I so badly needed a change and here it is.

You guys already know that life hasn't been at its best since the past 1 month or so. Something keeps creeping in and leaves me sad and upset. There is a lot to say but I am unale to speak up. The only person who gets to hear it all is me. So, when I drive (the only time when I am alone) I am always crying 'coz I hear Chanz speak her heart out.

But I hope that this Baroda trip would cheer me up and I would be back with an ever smiling face.

Apart from the wedding, I have to meet a friend of mine as well. Actually he is my best friend's boyfriend. He works there and we haven't met since quite some time now. The plan is that he would come and meet me at the hotel I would be staying at. The bad thing is that I can't remember the hotel name. God, I dont know where will I ask him to come. (Please don't ask me to call people in Baroda and ask 'coz I think you guys are forgetting that the people there will be super busy for it is "shaadi ka ghar")

Maybe I will call up tomorrow before leaving.

And guess what. I have already spent my two months salary on clothes, bags and hair clips, I am still short of two sandals and 2 clutch bags. There are 5 functions to attend. Gosh, dont know what wil I do there without those two sandals. (Guys, i mean 'men', please don't say things like "Chanz you are talking like a girl. For heaven's sake, I am a girl. A woman. A fine lady). Sshhh, don't laugh.

And trust me I am super excited about going to Baroda. Its been 12-13 years when I last went there. My brother got married in Baroda. I still remember certain parts of that trip, but yes I was a kid then.

And yeah, I wont be able to read any of your posts. I don't think I'll get an internet connection. I wont have the time either. Busy girl, thats what I will be.

See ya people..


Friday, December 18, 2009

Come what may

I turned around and looked back
I saw you holding my hand
Taking me out of the hole that was black

Now with open eyes
I see you holding my hand
Your touch makes my blood rise

The future which I can't see
I wish that you would hold my hand
And that, my darling, is no sin

There was a time when I was scared to hold your hand
Scared of what people might say
But you took my hand and gave me the strength to fight back

Now, I am all yours
This is the moment that I wish would last
Your love is what I need

But God has everything planned for us
I don't know what the future beholds
But yes, all these days I did pray to the almighty
To let you be with me
'coz not a moment goes by
without your thoughts crossing my mind
So honey don't ever leave me
not because I love you so much
but because I know you love me too.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

BEWARE.. Dont lend happiness

Whoever said that happiness comes in a complete package is terribly wrong. And the person who said that happiness comes to those who are lucky, must be ignorant of what happiness is. Well, I guess that happiness comes to those who are unlucky. I am a lucky girl, thats what everybody says. But happiness doesnt come so easily.

Oflate, I have noticed that no matter what I do to make others happy, it backfires and leaves me upset. I try to make one person happy, inturn I end up making the other person sad. This is not something new that is happening. But its been going on since forever..

There is a marriage counselor i know. She is just an aquaintance. I came to know that she had an awful marriage. Her husband used to beat her up. Her in-laws were against her. Her marriage ended in a divorce. And she is now a marriage counselor.

Then there are the reiki healers. They are supposed to give you peace of mind by instilling positive energy in you. They are the ones who take the negative energy out of you. Thats what everybody knows about them. But the reality is that they have to face the turmoil of that negativity, all alone. Mental instability is what they get after providing stability to others.

The astrologers (who are considered to be frauds by most people). They tell you (or rather warn you) about all the bad things that could possibly hapen to you and thereby tell you ways to minimise the effects of the so called 'bad phase'. But have you ever wondered why they cannot predict anything about themselves correctly.

The point I want to make here is that those who lend happiness to others, they tend to be the most unhappy of the lot.

Lets, for a minute, forget all these professional counselors, reiki masters, astrologers, and even the doctors and the like. Lets just concentrate on our own selves. In our daily lives. That happens with everybody. I think so. And I am not different. Or maybe I am 'coz people keep telling me that I am quite different. I call myself lucky. Lucky without any happiness. Lucky. Thats what I am.

You know what.. (Actually I had promised myself that I will keep this post general and not talk about my sorrows but I just can't control and I don't want the flow of my feelings to break). Back to the point, I was telling you about my unhappiness. Well, no matter how much I try to make the others happy, I always leave one or the other person sad. And that one person makes my life hell in making me realise that the happiness that I so wishfully imparted was a wrong decision. And when I do something good to make up for the one who unknowingly became a victim of my happiness-turned-sour, it makes a third person sad. And the vicious cycle continues. And I am the one who suffers the assault.

But then life goes on. We keep walking down the lane hoping that i will be happy and the people around m will be happy with what I do for them.



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Is it dark enough..??

It was about 5 o'clock in the evening. I had just left from my office and was driving back home. And my mom was sitting next to me. Extremely tired that she was for not sleeping since the past two days, she dozed off. All I had to do was drive silently (without the music system on, ofcourse). So, I sat driving through the traffic. The day before this, I had got a long lecture from my dad about switching on the head lights early. He had talked about why we should turn on the headlight even when before it gets dark. "Its not for you to see, but its for you to be seen", thats what he pointed out. He had gone on and on talking about this and constantly questioning me if I actually do follow it. And I just said yes (though I turn it on when I am unable to read the speedometer). But obviously I couldn't say that and I told him that I already do that. I am sure he wasn't impressed since he knows his daughter. But there was no further discussion about this topic.

So, remembering his words, I switched on the headlights. It was getting dark. Infact, I realised that it was darker than usual. No wonder. The sun definitely sets earlier in winters. But this early was new to me. It must have been around 5:15 by my watch. Now with the headlights turned on, I felt good. Happy that I am atleast following what my folks say. I felt like a big girl. Or maybe I should say that I felt responsible. Inside, I felt so happy that I made a note in my mind to do this everyday.

With a smile on my face, I kept noticing other cars And I had this proud feeling when I saw not even a single car had their headlights on. Not even one. Maybe they would do that later. So to keep a track, I continuously kept looking around and kept my glance fixed on the rear view mirror to see who all turned their headlights. (I know I was acting like an 18 year old girl who has just learnt driving and is on the lookout for all those who commit a mistake). But I was actually enjoying this and decided to tell my dad that nobody switched on their head lights. I knew that he will be very proud. Atleast I will get a pat on my back for being extra cautious. 

However, I was amazed when nobody switched on their headlights. I checked the time in the digital clock below the speedometer. It said 5:35. I was in a fix. Either my clock wasnt working properly or all the people out on the road at that time had forgotten that there was something known as "headlights".  But it was too dark now.  Maybe the sun had set too early today. Umm... No. Maybe the sun had set too fast. I remember seeing the orange sun when I had left from office so I knew that the sun had come down on it usual time. But nevertheless, I was proud that I had switched on the headlights way before I generally do.

"Well, anyways." Why should I be bothered. I tried to distract myself. I adjusted my sunglasses coz I had been wearing them for a long time now. 
And I was like, "W-H-A-T   T-H-E    F-U-C-K?" Sunglasses..?? I had been wearing my sunglasses ever since I left. My extremely dark Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. No wonder, it was so dark outside. 

Now thats called popat...

PS: I am glad that my mom had been sleeping and she didnt see my confused expression earlier. It is time for me to feel embarassed. Geesh...!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ding Dong

He was too lazy to get up. He just wanted to be alone. An interference from somebody unknown was the last thing he wished for. All that he wanted was to shut himself and spend time with his own self.

Ding Dong. The doorbell which went for the second time, finally made him rise from the couch potato that he had lately become. Reluctantly he walked towards the door and opened it. And before he could realize what was going on, he was thrown back. Failing to keep his balance, he fell with a thud with his back hitting the expensive Italian marble which his mom had chosen with great detail.. 

Caught unaware, he tried to concentrate. His eyes grew wider. He could not believe this was happening. It had to be a dream. It was so unreal to be true. But the wetness that he felt on his lips woke him up from his slumber. It was definitely true. She was here kissing him madly. And suddenly he realized that his mouth was open with shock. He had not even kissed her back. But he had to admit that it felt great to be kissed again. 2 months had passed since they had even talked to each other. He loved her. And he was happy to see her again. Tears took the better of him. They wouldn't stay behind that heavy heart. They just flowed.

"Your lips taste salty", she said and winked. "Eating a lot of salt these days, huh?", she asked jokingly. And she licked his tears off.

He laughed. He wanted to ask her a million questions about where had she gone. What had got into her head? Why had she left him alone? And more importantly, why had she come back? But this was not the time to ask her. These questions could wait. The only thing which couldn't wait was his thing that got hard with her touch. The kiss made him hungry. Hungry for his own Urvashi. The girl whom he loved.

He took her face in his hands and bit her lips. She moaned and he bit even harder. She let out a scream and he licked her. He kissed her like it was his first time. She let his tongue slip into her mouth. He ran it all over her teeth. He was ready to become her toothbrush that day.

His one hand started moving down. And before she knew it, he cupped her boobs and started caressing them. How much had he missed her boobs. He remembered how he used to keep his hand on her two assets while she slept beside him. He had really missed her body just as much as he had missed her. But now he had to concentrate on her since he was doing it after 2 months. 2 full months complete. He unbuttoned her shirt. He had already got a glimpse of her black lingerie. They had bought it together. He knew that even today she had taken care of his likes and dislikes. And he felt the urge to tear her bra apart. And eat her like he never had tasted her. She gasped as he tore open the bra. 

"I thought that you loved this bra", she said. "And hey, how am I going to go back"

"I ain't letting you go anywhere this time"

And yet again they were lost in a never ending kiss. But it did end. When her hand reached over his thing. It got harder with her hand over it. She quickly unzipped him and freed him off his jeans. It was evident from the hurry that she too was hot inside. And within another 30 seconds, they both stood naked in front of each other. He picked her up and carried her to his room.After a series of kisses, tight hugs and licking and purring he finally entered that steaming hot entrance. Their thighs made a sound as they hit against each other. The moaning grew louder. But neither of the two were ready to stop. They wanted to go on and on. The entire day. And the night was waiting for them too...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Friends, who are not just friends

It was a cold winter evening. She stood in the balcony of her apartment on the 7th floor. With a mug in her hand, she silently took a sip of her coffee. It didn't taste too good. The coffee was not as strong as she was used to. A coffee addict that she was, she walked towards the kitchen and very silently she took out the coffee jar from the cabinet which stood about half a feet above her 5'2" frame. She let out a small laugh as she compared herself with her best friend who was much taller than her. That gave her a heart ache. Thinking about her best friend made her upset. She quickly brewed another mug of coffee and walked back to the balcony. Her eyes followed the long road which was bustling with cars. Her gaze reached uptil the horizon. Until she could see no further. And then a tear rolled down her cheek. She wiped it off with the back of her hand and sipped her coffee. Though there was no one at home, she still did not want to cry. She did not want to look weak. Not in her own eyes. Fighting her own tears, she stood in the balcony and continued to stare at the world moving fast in front of her...

No one can live a life in isolation. Everybody has a family. A family, which really cares about you. A family for which you care about. Then there are friends around you to make you laugh, to make you happy, to bring a smile on your face. Also there are some dearer friends that make your life special. They are the ones who wipe your tears during those ugly times. They are the ones who hold your hand and walk you out of trouble. They are the ones whom you want to help. Not only that, you know that you too will stand for them. But when the people in this category hurt you, then you are left too dumbfounded to come out of it. It is still easy to forget the misery when a so-so friend hurts you.  You can still forgive your partner when they betray you. But it isn't easy to forget the heartache which a best friend gives you. A best friend, with whom you share everything. Every damn thing, for God's sake. And if that friend hurts you. It leaves you shattered.

If best friends are really so important in our lives then why do we have to lie to them.
If best friends really know everything about your life, then why are they deprived of another secret.
If best friends can really take you out of trouble then why can't we trust them completely.
If best friends wipe your tears, then why are they the ones to make you cry the most.

This is my story

And that girl in the balcony.. Sadly, that was me...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental
On your humble flat, or help you at the automat
Men grow cold as girls grow old
And we lose our charms in the end
But square-cut or pear-shaped
These rocks don't lose their shape
Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Marilyn Monroe's song may have gained popularity but I have to agree that diamonds are a girl's best friend. I must have heard this phrase about a thousand times before I heard this song. And so I agree with James Bond. Diamonds are Forever.

I am a sucker for diamonds. Those who know me must have noticed my diamond earings, my diamond ring, my diamond pendant and now the newly added item to the list is my diamond bracelet. Today, my mom was checking out her jewellery and I did not notice my mouth open wide when I saw her amazing collection.

Greedy that I became on seeing those dazzling stones I asked her, "When am I going to get all these"

"On your wedding", came the reply.

This is the only reason why I want to get married. I just can't wait to flaunt my neckline with those sparkling diamonds. I can't wait for those rings to look stunning on my slim fingers. I can't wait for those glittering pieces to adorn my earlobes. I just cannot wait any longer. 

Diamonds give me a high. They give me an orgasm too. My jaw drops when I look at those animated stones shining away to glory. 

So, I was just wondering why do I need a guy after all. Ofcourse apart from the fact that I will be the proud owner of these fabulous jewels only when I get married, there is none. And all the guys reading this must have understood what diamonds mean to me. As a word of caution, if you are thinking of marrying me and taking over my priced possession then beware. You wont even get to look at them. They are mine. Just mine. So all the greedy heads, just back off....


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wedding Season

Yesterday, I went to this wedding of a friend. Not exactly a friend. But my friend's brother was getting married. And it was yesterday that I came to know what lovely people exist on this earth. Really. I mean it. Well actually, I was feeling a bit out of place. Among all the relatives, I was the only friend (the groom's brother's friend). To top it all, I was meeting his family for the first time. In the beginning, I felt awkward. But thanks to his family, I loved every second of those few hours that I spent there. Well, don't take me wrong here. I am not exaggerating. Trust me, they are really nice people. 

My friend wasn't even taking me home but I forced him to take me. The thing is that I love shaadi ka ghar. Some people find it weird but I enjoy it the most. People getting super busy, running around, guests pouring in at weird times, one person shouting at the other, everybody getting restless, no body has time, no body knows what is to be done next. It is more more than this but I think I am out of practice (Please dont mind, sometimes I can be very bad at jokes. I am sure you will read it again and see if it really was a joke. Sowie..). But thats the truth actually. I went to a wedding after a long long time. I mean, I just go in as a guest, have dinner, click photographs with the bride and the groom and come back). But this was different. 

I don't know but being a part of the wedding chores made me so excited that I couldn't sleep the night before.  The last time I got into these kinda celebrations was about....mmm.... lemme see... 8 years back. We have not had a wedding so close in the family (or friends). 2-3 of my cousins got married but I always had exams during that time so my folks made me stay back and study. Thats the reason why this wedding was so different. I had no exams.  :D

So, I was telling you guys about the lovely people I was surrounded by. My friend's parents are amazing. His mother was literally taking care of me as if I was a small girl who has got lost in a new place. Well, I was feeling lost but when she first gave me that smile, I was so relieved. She kept close to me during the baraat. And I loved it. And my friend's elder bhabhi was damn sweet. Everytime she wanted to dance in the baraat, she would hold my hand and start dancing. In the beginning I was avoiding the dance 'coz I wasn't sure what the relatives are going to think. But the entire family's warmth towards me, made me feel at home. Even his father kept his eyes fixed on me and would give a smile every now and then made me feel comfortable. And the eldest brother(did I mention that they are three brothers out of which the middle one was getting married) was just too good. He was so nice to me. Obviously, he had inherited the genes from his mother and father. So there wasn't a doubt about it. Though I did not really get a chance to speak to his brother (who was getting married), but I hope that I will  in future. 

Sadly, I did not even get a chance to compliment them about the arrangements and the food. It was all too good. It just made the wedding complete.

I wish good luck to the newly married couple. May their life be filled with sunshine, laughter and happiness (Frankly, this is a sentence which I have been using since childhood. Thats all that comes out when I have to wish somebody. I wish I had said something better but I cant really think of anything else.)

PS 1: I hope that they like the gift which I gave them. For people who are so nice, I think they deserve something much better than these materialistic small gifts. 

PS 2: There is another wedding lined up. A very close friend is getting married. It is actually the first time when a close friend is getting married. So I am super excited about it. It means that I will be buying some new clothes. But something more motivating will be to fit into my old clothes (not exactly old since I have just worn them once or twice). I gotta loose weight before that. I have just a month in hand... Wish me luck.. 


Friday, November 27, 2009

Nothing actually

I have been quite preoccupied of late. Not because of work but my own personal life. Well, don't put your brains at work. Let me clarify that it is not my love life or anything of that sort. Its just I, me and myself, thats facing the stupid idiot wrath of my own anger. I sit and wonder why are relationships so important in our lives? Why cant human beings live in isolation? Alone. Away from the world and away from its complexities. Why? Why? Why? I feel like screaming till I get an answer. But all I can do is cry and feel helpless. Tears flow down my cheeks while I write this. I am feeling too helpless. I have no clue about whats happening in and around me. I cant help but wonder, why do people have to expect so much from any relationship. Mother and father, brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins and ofcourse friends. And all those like me, who are single, atleast do not have to face the ongoing expectations of a partner. Thank god for that. Why can't people live their lives happily. There is one thing that I really admire about the western culture. They give time and space to people who need it the most. Frankly, I am not one of those who demands time and space of my own. Never. Infact I hate this to such extent that all those who ask me for space for themselves get nothing but bitterness from me. However, somewhere deep inside I know that a little time on our own wouldn't hurt anybody. I want to relax. I want to live life on my own. Without anybody expecting anything. 

I dont want to say this, but I have this feeling that I am being crushed from all sides by mammoth sized expectations. Everyone around me expects me to behave the way they would like to. And if I dont do even one thing out of all the things expected out of me, then it feels that I have made a blunder. I have a terrible headache right now. I want to turn off my laptop, take the blanket and put in on my head and go to sleep. But that doesn't always happen. When you really want to sleep then the wretched thing takes hours to come and leaves you all the more depressed. Thats the reason why I started writing even though I have nothing much to say tonight. Well actually, I have a lot to say. I really want to take it out of me. Its just getting bottled up inside  and I am afraid that it may burst out someday. 

I am sick of playing the goody two shoes. I feel sick inside. I want to do what makes me happy. for once. Just once. It should be just me. But thats not going to happen. People around me wont  let that happen. It is too much to take. I have to strike a balance between everything. On the contrary, it is getting on my nerves now. I really want to run away. Away from this turmoil. Away from the world. To a place where I see nobody. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009


He, who gives a woman the reason to love.
He, who broadens his chest for the lady to rest her head on.
He, who spends sleepless nights to bring food for the family.
He, who takes care of every responsibility of his familywith no greed of his own.
He, who risks his life to safeguard the nation from the evils.
He, who performs the most difficult and dangerous tasks.
He, who makes the woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister.
He, who makes a woman complete.

From time immemorial, men have always been discriminated. Yes. Men have been discrimainated. On the basis of gender. They are the ones who give strength to the women around them. True it is that, women are being given a chance to prove themselves. They are now being treated as equal to men. However, the reality will still be the same. Men have alway ruled the world. And women have always allowed them to do so. That is the rule of the nature.

A woman feels happy when her man achieves something in his life. She likes being bossed around. She likes when he scolds for she knows that he is always there to care for her. She enjoys when he takes the initiative. She blushes when his mascular body rubs against hers and puts her on fire. That strength. That power. That toughness. That lustiness. That vigour. That courage. All that makes him a man. She loves it all.

Every morning, we start our day by praising the celebrities and the public figures that are flooded in the newspapers. We forget the common man. What about that neighbour who talks bullshit about you, but is now in the hospital. What about that guy who eyes you everyday in the bus hoping that you would talk to him. What about that grocery shopkeeper who doesnt see you everyday and still lives on to belief that you would come in yet another day and buy the grocery from him. What about those masons who, brick by brick, have made your dream house into a reality. What about your male friends with whom you have had your first drink. What about that mischievous brother who blackmails you but still dosen't tell your parents when you came late at night completely drunk. What about your partner who hugged and cuddled you on those cold nights while you shivered. What about your father who taught you how to cycle. We forget these tiny gestures very soon. We forget that the importance of men in our lives.

Today you have the chance to thank them all. Your father, your brother, your partner, your sons, your male friends, your collegues. So let us wish good health and happiness to all those men who have been a part of our lives on International Men's Day, this 19th day of November. May women always have these wonderful men to make their lives worth living...

Cheers to all those men who have been a part of my life...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Water Everywhere...

Unlike how a usual Sunday starts for me, I woke up quite early. Hell no, it wasn't walk this time. But I tried something different. Yoga. Umm...actually it was different than yoga too. I didn't have to do any difficult asanas. When my dad first told me about it, I was like, Oh my God. Is it really possible. You could loose 5 kgs of weight in a month by merely drinking water and consequently taking it out of your system then and there. Give me a break. I wasn't convinced. But dads know how to find their way and my dad did it too. He made me get up at 6 in the morning (don't forget it was a Sunday.. aaarrggghhh...). Very reluctantly, I went to the fitness center which my mom runs. For God's sake, please don't ask me why am I fat when my mom owns a fitness center. Nevermind that. So, I woke up and went there only to find that my yoga instructor had been waiting for me for the past 15 mins. What..?? Did he expect me to reach there before time or what. Atleast I expected him to come after I reached. Little did I know that this instructor was a cruel man and he would force to do some things which I hate dearly. 

Three glasses down. 
"Here, have another one"
"One more..??", I widened my eyes and gave him a shocked expression. 
Gulp Gulp Gulp Gulp. It went all the way down to my intestines. 
Salt mixed in hot water. When I am saying hot, it means really hot. That is what I had to drink as soon as I entered the hall. 

Next, I was asked to lie down on my stomach and do this. I felt nauseated after having four glasses of water. Something was going on in my stomach. It was twisting and turning. I wish I could stop but that cruel instructor wouldn't leave me. Frankly speaking, if you do these exercises without the water then it seems so easy but with your stomach full, it feels miserable. 
I was getting angry. 
And then he asked me to turn from the left side and try to look at my right feet, keeping the whole body constant. 
"Aye Aye, Sir", spat came the reply.

I did it all. 2-3 easy exercises err.. asanas. But before I could finish, I felt the need to use the washroom. I was a bit hesitant. But still I told him that I wanted to go. 
He smiled approvingly and said, "Ofcourse".

And by the time I came back from the washroom, he was ready with another four glasses of water. 
And so I drank to the last drop. 4 glasses. 
And then followed the series of those same exercises and before I could know, I had to go to the loo again. 
And again.
And again.
And yet again.
And yes, everytime I came back, I was asked to drink another 2 glasses of water. 
Till ofcourse, the urine got converted into stool. 
And I heaved a sigh a relief. I knew this was the end and would go back home and relax. I thanked god and with a smile on my face I returned to the room. 

But I was so wrong. Again there was water. This time I had a single glass. I urgently wanted to go back to the loo. Really badly. And so I went back.
Oops. Loose motion. 
Aaarrggghhh... This was the least expected. 
I came back and had water. 
Loo. Not again. 
And not to forget the loose motion.
This time when I cleared my bowels, I told my instructor hoping that he would stop all this.
"Sir, I think I have got loose motion."
"You havent got loose motions on your own but you were forced to get them"
"Oh yeah, why not. Now somebody else has a control over my bowels". 
Perhaps noticing my shocked as well as hesitant look, he explained, "We will clean your system completely. Your intestines will be free of all the waste and the toxins. I will make it all come out. Infact, I will make you drink so much water that what will come out of your bowels will be as transparent as water". He raised his eyebrows trying to show that he was confident about it.
Not wanting to shatter his confidence, I kept quiet but I questioned myself if this really was possible. It possibly cannot happen. Never. And I raised my eyebrows too indicating the same confidence that he had.

So there I was, back with my water and the ongoing visits to the washroom. Supposedly, I was to do some exercises too. But my intestines didn't allow me to do so. And so I continued with what I was doing. Water. Loo. Water. Loo. And in the meantime, I didnt even notice that the instructor had won the battle. Transparent water came out. And I was dumbfounded. Never in my life had I seen such a thing happening. I dont want to be offensive here but the colour of the stool was literally transparent. I mean transparent. (Please people, I apologize if anybody is finding it offensive. I didnt intend to and I am trying my best not to be).

Well, finally I came and told him that it all ended well. To my surprise (yet again), he said that it wasnt the end. There was still more to go. 
After about 6 litres of water and 15-20 rounds to the loo, I got to hear that there was still more. Thank you God, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. :(

4 glasses of water. This time without salt. I had to drink it all without stopping in between. 4 glasses. Without stopping. Sure.
I managed that too. Sadly though.
Then he accompanied me to the loo. Well yeah. He made me put my fingers in my mouth and dig into the throat and vomit. 
I had to hold my stomach and vomit. 
On top of that, the instructor was like, "you have just taken out a glass of water till now." 
"One a half glass has come out."
"Go ahead, do it"
I think he was a maniac. 
Thankfully this was the end. No more glasses of water. No more going to the loo. I couldnt have been more relieved in my life.

But before he went away I asked him what was the name of this yoga. Shank Prakshalana was what he said. There was a peculiar name for the throwing up part as well but I can't really remember. 

Maybe my reactions sounded too negative but they aren't actually. I think its a good way to loose weight. 5 kgs in a month and that too with just a single class. One day of yoga and you loose weight. As a kid, I have always heard about water being the best medicine for all problems and diseases. And now I have experienced it as well. 

So go ahead and try this out. 
Water water everywhere
So much that you would be fed up..

(PS: If anybody wants to try it then I can arrange for the instructor. Well actually, my mom would arrange for one. But the medium will be through me )

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Now the moment has come..

Here is my first award.

Thanks chitz for tagging me to your blog.

I never knew that I could write. I used to hate it when I had to write essays, articles, notices, etc in school. And one fine, I just started writing without knowing how it would come out. And the outcome is in front of you guys. :) 

Following the tradition (the rules actually), 7 things which nobody knows about me are:

1) I am trying to develop my intuitive powers (only because I want to do what my fate has in store for me)
2) I hate to ask for money specially when I have lent it to somebody. And I feel embarressed when I talk about it.
3) I always wanted to be a guy.
4) I am super duper scared of ghost serials and horror movies. Even if it is a comedy. 'Coz I imagine it to be happening to me in real life.
5) I talk to myself when I am all alone. (Now that is a surprise to all of you. Isn't it..??)
6) As a kid, I always thought that a fairy godmother would come at night and would open a secret in front of my eyes. (Well, I have never told this to anybody and now its coming. I always assumed that I have this thick skin covering over my body from head to toe which made me look fat. And the fairy godmother would come and take it out and I would emerge as a beautiful princess. (Shocked..!!)
7) Lastly, I want to become an artist. I know I am good at painting. Its just that I want to take a formal training and whooosshhh, become a famous artist.

And now please put your hands together. I am going to announce the blogger award winners.
The award goes to:
1) Rashmi : I love the way she writes. Simply adore it. Her writing has emotions.
2) Ankit : I have been following his blog even before I started blogging. Though he is not regular anymore but his blog was one of the first which I read.
3) BF : There is a very peculiar character in his writing. He says more than what he 'needs' to say. I wouldn't. But he does.
4) Nancy : Love her blog. Her blog was listed under the blogs of note.
5) @ease : Though he is not really a blogger but he is the one who discovered my writing skills. Thanks to him that I started blogging. Continual doses of inspiration come from him. Thanks buddy.
6) RSV : Another blog which deserves to be appreciated.
7) My special readers (those who dont blog that much) : Punia, Dutta and Ramit. It wouldn't have been possible without your support.

Now, here is an award for my fellow blogger chitz.

Here you go girl. Flaunt your blog with this.

And finally, the rules for you guys out there:
1) List 7 things about yourself that nobody know.
2) Pass on this award to 7 other people.
3) Comment on their blog and let them know that they are tagged.

Thanks to one and all..


Monday, November 9, 2009

Down and under

As she descended from the stairs, her knees felt wobbly. Slowly and steadily she took one step at a time. With each step, she hoped that she wouldn't fall. Her right hand held the iron railing so tightly that small beads of perspiration formed on the inside of her hand. The corners of the railing dug into her skin which made the tip of her fingers red and it pained. But that pain was nothing as compared to what she had been carrying since ages. But did that really matter now. She had learned to live with it. All these years, she wanted to end her life and get over with it for once and for all. But she had survived. Every moment, every day, every week, every month, every year. All those days that went by. All those days that she suffered. She emerged as a new Jaya. She tried her best to conquer her own self in every way and she succeeded. But somewhere deep inside she knew that the wound had left a permanent mark and had left her crippled for her to limp the entire life. 

But she was a not one of those who would loose so easily. Her indispensable fate had taught her to fight the odd. And there she was standing on her legs with her right hand on the railing and with a crutch under her left arm, fighting to climb down the last 7 stairs left out of the total 9. That was her way of looking at things. Her way of making things look easy. Her positive attitude. And that is what made her survive the obstacles that she was destined to face in her life. 

She was born a very healthy child. She had often heard her grandmother telling her about what relatives and neighbors used to say when she was born. They used to point to her mother and say, "Look Neena. Look at your daughter. She will look like a princess when she turns into a woman". Or they would say, "This girl can become Miss Universe" and would even envy her parents and say "Mr and Mrs Sharma, I wish my daughter was as pretty as yours". Her grandmother would tell her stories of how every mother was jealous of their small, yet closely binded family. "The evil eyes took the better of you, Jaya", she would say and then would turn her head away so that Jaya couldn't see her tears. But Jaya always knew that her grandmother was weeping. She wouldn't say anything. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know how to console that old woman who had brought her up after her parents died in a plane crash. She didn't know whether a hug would be enough for all that she had done for her after she was diagnosed to have polio. She was 4 years old then. Living alone with her dearest grandmom.  No parents to take her to school. No parents to scold her. No parents to love her. But only her grandmother who had become so important in her life that she did not feel the absence of her own parents. 

Trying her best to hurry down the stairs, Jaya felt weak. This is not how she was. Her way was different. Where had her positive attitude gone. This was not the time for her to loose the battle. She had to make it fast. She had to go to her grandmom. She had to climb down those stairs and call out to somebody for help. The phone. Thats all she needed. "How could I have been so irresponsible. How could I have left the cordless downstairs." And it was taking more than ever to climb down. But she had to hurry up. Or else it would be late. She had to do something for her grandmother. The doctor. Yes, the doctor. She wanted to call him. But the bloddy phone. She had left it downstairs. She wanted to slap herself. She couldn't imagine her life without her grandmother who was lying on her death bed counting her last few minutes and there she was stuck on the staircase unable to go on...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

There I go...

That tiny smile on your face,
is making it difficult for me to leave
I wish I could hug you
one last time.
I wish I could hold you tight
and never let go
But I hate to wake you up
Coz' I don't wanna see you cry
And that would make me weak.

Honey, I am leaving now.
By the time you wake up,
I would be out of this town
In a far flung area
Out of your reach.
But you will always be on my mind
And in my heart.

I will be gone for sometime,
Forgive me for hiding this from you
I wouldn't have been able to see your tears
And so I am leaving
Without telling you.
I hope that you would wait for me
Until I return with a wedding ring.

If only I could say sorry,
for the times I betrayed you
for the times I didn't love you
But don't worry my baby
I will return
and take you with me
and we would be together again.

This post has been inspired by John Denver's 'Leaving On A Jet Plane'. Today, while taking a morning walk, I was listening to this song. And instantly I knew that I would write something similar to this. I ain't good like him but yeah, it did inspire me to write.